Basic Bike Security

Basic Bike Security

When you purchase your bike:

    • Get your bike electronically tagged or post coded if you can.


    • Buy a good quality lock such as a D-Lock, extension cable or heavy chain lock – ask your cycle retailer for advice.


    • Keep a record of your frame number.


    • Take a photograph of your bike so you have an accurate description if it gets stolen.


    • Get Insured ! Most insurance companies offer cycle insurance policies that cover you and your bike. You may even have some sort of cover on your home insurance, check it out…

When you park your bike:

    • Always lock your cycle up when you leave it and try and lock it to something to make it that bit more secure. Bike stand, railing, fence etc. preferably in view i.e. a busy place.


    • Always secure your bike at home – fifty percent of thefts happen here.


    • Remember to lock the frame and both wheels.


  • Lock your bike tightly to make the lock and cycle hard to maneuver

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