Cycle History

Cycle History

History of the bycycle

Its surprising really how when you start researching into the history of something, in this case the bycycle how rather vague things start to appear and also on the other hand how advanced the bycycle was one day, long ago, and indeed how the bycycle is still today using the latest technology available to enhance the performance and comfort of todays cyclesand cyclists. There are many references to some contraptions very early in history going back to 16th and 17th centuries, but it wasn’t until John Kemp came along with his ‘safety bicycle’ in 1885 with his machine that was to look something like todays cycles, having two similar sized wheels and propelled by a chain driven by pedalling. The cycle as we know it was born.

Since then there have been many inventions to adapt the bycle to modern living. John Dunlop’s pneumatic tyre in 1888, Derailler gears in the 1930′s, and many more inovations since then like the hub gear system (The famous Sturmy Archer…if you dont know what they are ask your dad and if he doesn’t know ask your grandpaarents), we have had braking systems and now today disc brakes etc. Cycles have gone from having frames of enormous weight with heavy springs to todays ultra light carbon fibre frames, and mountain bikes with suspension. Maybe one day we will have automatic gears… The variants of bikes these days are numerous. We have road cycles, mountain bikes, hybrid cycles, bmx, tandems, custom built cycles and we even have the weird and wonderful recumbent cycle. Where will it end…

Why Do People Cycle?

I suppose the answer to that is that at some point in history it seemed like a good idea at the time. First to invent the cycle and then the riding of them. Today there are many variants of the cycle, road bikes, mountain bikes,bmx, hybrids take your pick. Enjoyment has always been top of the list why people choose to pick up this humble machine and go out for an hour or a days cycling. It is invigourating, helps keep you fit,challenging and of cours you see and learn your local area.

The Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of cycling are numerous. As mentioned earlier enjoyment is a key reason. As humans I think we all like to conquer a challenge and it is fairly easy to set yourself a target for cycling and with some application overcoming the challenge.

Keeping fit. Every little bit of exercise helps and cycling is classed as a non impact type of sport. You dont have to be an elite road or club racer to benefit. Anyone who gets on a cycle and pedals away is bound to benefit from the pasttime.

Go Green. In todays global melt down while you pedal away on your cycle you are not producing any nasty chemicals that will pollute the atmosphere and there in your own way helping to save the planet wether you are leisure cycling or commuting to work.

Last but not least once you have paid out for your cycle and gear it is a very inexpensive hobby or form of transport what ever your reason for travelling.

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