Simple Puncture Repair

Simple Puncture Repair

Most of us at some time or other will encounter a puncture while out riding. The important thing to remember is that most of the time repairing a puncture at the side of the road is quite a simple thing to do.

The first thing is to move to a place away from the roadside so you can fix your puncture safely.

Next Remove the wheel with the puncture from your bike. Note on some bikes you might have to use the release mechanism on the brakes to enable you to remove the wheel.

When the wheel has been removed it is a good idea to try and reinflate your tyre and carry out a visual check of the wheel and tyre to see if you can find the position of the puncture before proceeding.

Using your tyre levers lift out one side of the tyre from your wheel rim all the way around one side of the wheel.. DO Not try and remove the tyre with anything other than a tyre lever as you may damage the inner tube or rim.
Carefully lift out the inner tube from inside of the tyre.

Next, pump some air into the inner tube and look for the puncture. You may have to listen carefully for the air escaping if you can’t visually see the puncture.

When you have located the puncture cover it with a patch from your puncture repair kit. It is more convenient to use the self adhesive type of patch. If not just follow the instructions on your repair kit for using the adhesive supplied with your kit.

Before replacing the inner tube check your tyre to make sure it is clear of anything which might have caused the puncture. Check the tyre both inside and out.

Once you have repaired the puncture. Slightly inflate you inner tube and then replace it back inside the tyre on the wheel.

Replace the tyre. You will have to use the tyre levers to replace the tyre onto the rim. BE CAREFUL not to pinch the inner tube when replacing the tube and tyre.

Next put your wheel back onto your bike and then reinflate the tyre to the required pressure.

If you had to use the release mechanism on your brakes make sure you have replaced the brakes to their original position.

Before riding on your way it is always a good idea to double check that you have secured the wheel in place and your brakes are working properly.

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