Suggested basic kit for a ride

Suggested basic kit for a ride

We all want to get out and enjoy our cycling but there you should be prepared, just in case your ride does’nt go according to plan. Listed below is a suggested basic kit of what you should be taking with you on your ride. You can adapt the list to suit your own needs.

Suggested Kit


    • Pump


    • Puncture repair kit including a spare valve


    • Tyre levers


    • Spare inner tube


    • Multitool – to suit your bike.


    • Latex gloves – Recommended


    • If cycling at night. Lights. Front and rear


    • Helmet


    • Waterproof – At least a waterproof jacket preferabley trousers as well


    • Drink and choc Bar etc. maybe a packed lunch if your not sure you will be able to find refreshments on route.


    • Money and mobile phone – Just in case of emergency

Before you start your ride check that your:

    • Brakes are working


    • Gears and chain are running freely


  • Lights are working ok should you be cycling in the dark.

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