The best cycling holidays in England

From the Cotswolds to the Lake District, the highly populated country of England still has a wealth of beautiful countryside to explore through cycling. Increasingly, many are choosing to turn a cycling holiday into a hybrid affair by staying stay in one of thehotels UK provided by groups like Millennium Hotels. Spa facilities and other luxuries can be the perfect salve for aching muscles after the exertions of a day’s cycling. Choosing hotels UK over more basic accommodation can also provide alternative activities for families with children should the British summertime produce a sodden day.


Given the extensive range of choice, picking a stand out ‘best’ among the possible cycling holidays that you could take in England is pretty much impossible. As with so many things in life, it depends on the kind of experience that you are looking for, as well as your physical abilities and skill level. The gentle terrain of the Cotswolds and Devon can be ideal for family cycling holidays, and areas like the New Forest have many dedicated and therefore safe cycle paths. You can choose to base yourself somewhere central, with alternative routes available every day starting from this base, or arrange a tour which will take you to new accommodation every night.


A tour following the Thames is a popular choice for families from south of England. The relatively short travel time to the start of the cycling holiday, and lack of serious gradient on the cycle paths and tracks can make the trip viable for children. Gentle exercise is sustainable every day, and will allow small children to cope with the itinerary, while swerving the need for long car journeys at the start and the end of the trip can remove unnecessary stress from the affair.


Making sure that the daily route planned is not too taxing can often be more relevant for the adults in the party. Those who are usually desk bound and sedentary in the average working week may find it a struggle to keep up with the kids, and if you are not used to cycling on a regular basis, this is worth thinking about before you book a week of hard core off road action in the Brecon Beacons.


Perhaps a location like the Brecon Beacons National Parkin Wales is stretching the definition of ‘England’, but the accessibility of this beautiful countryside should definitely be enough to put this location on your possible menu of cycling holidays if you are based in England. Further north, the Lake District offers some truly stunning scenery and the opportunity for some much more challenging routes for experienced cyclists. Many locations in Wales, and areas in the north of England like Yorkshire and the Lake District, have a wealth of established mountain biking routes, featuring challenging technical terrain.

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