Cromer Circular Route to Via Mundesley Southrepps

Cromer Circular Route via Mundesley, Southrepps and Northrepps.

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This route is approx 16 miles long taking you from the Victorian seaside resort of Cromer with its famous pier out along the Norfolk coast to Mundesley and then back to Cromer on an inland route via the villages of Southrepps and Northrepps. Roads used on this route are mainly ‘B’ roads and rural country lanes to help avoid any heavy traffic in the area.

Staring from Cromer Pier which was built in 1902. As you look out seaward you cycle to your right along the Esplanade and after 150 yards TURN RIGHT onto The Ganway and cycle approx. 100 yards to its end where you TURN RIGHT onto Church Street.

After 100 yards TURN LEFT along The Overstrand B1159 and follow the B1159 as it bends and passes The Royal Cromer Golf Club on your left as you leave the suburbs of Cromer behind you.

Continue to cycle along the B1159 as it takes you along the sea front on your left and passes the villages of Overstrand, Sidestrand, Trimingham and Mundesley, which is approximately 6.5 miles from Cromer.

When you reach Mundelsy keep cycling along the B1159 through the centre of Mundesley which will take you past The Manor House Hotel on the sea front and runs onto Beach Road and then Paston Road.

Once on Paston Road, still B1159 it bends sharply to the right away from the sea front and takes you past Mundesley Holiday Village on your left.

Approx 200 yards past Mundesley Holiday Village you TURN RIGHT onto Water Lane and cycle to its end (400 yards) where you TURN RIGHT and then IMMEDIATE LEFT along Trunch Road towards the village of Southrepps. Continue to cycle along this road towards Southrepps and as you do the road changes its name to Mundesley Road, Southrepps Road and Gimmingham Road. After 2.5 miles you will come to the village of Southrepps.

AS you reach the centre of the village the road changes its name to High Street and near the end of the village the road forks. You need to TAKE THE RIGHT HAND FORK along Sandy Lane and once again you will be cycling out in the beautiful Norfolk countryside this time heading towards the village of Northrepps.

Continue to cycle along this road following it round to the right and after about a mile and a quarter you will come to the village of Northrepps.

On reaching the village the road you are cycling along will be called church Street and bends sharply to the right and then to the left onto Bull’s Row at the centre of the village. Follow the round and as you start to cycle along Bull’s Row TURN FIRST LEFT along Nut Lane.

After cycling 500 yards along Nut Lane TURN LEFT along a small country lane and after a few hundred yards this meets at a junction with Northrepps Road. BEAR LEFT along Northrepps Road and follow it for about 600 yards past Forest Park Caravan Site on your left and it meets at a ‘T’ junction with Overstrand Road B1159.

TURN LEFT along Overstrand Road and follow the road into Cromer. When you reach Cromer Overstrand Road meets at a ‘T’ junction with Church Street. TURN RIGHT along Church Street the LEFT along Mount Street. This in turn runs onto Louden Street.

At the end of Louden Street TURN RIGHT along Church Street and after 50 yards Church Street bends to the right. At this point TURN LEFT along Garden Street and follow it to the end where it will bring you out on The Esplanade opposite Cromer Pier the start/finish of your ride.

Along this route there are numerous places to stop for refreshments.

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