Ashbourne to Parsley Hay

Ashbourne to Parsley Hay ‘The Tissington Trail’ - 13 miles

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The Tissington Trail is a cycle path adopted and developed by Sustrans. Which takes you on part of the National Cycle Route No68 from Ashbourne to Parsley Hay approx 13 miles one way travel. This part of route 68 uses the old trackbed of the former railway line connecting Ashbourne to Buxton.
It takes its name from the village of Tissington, which is approx 4 miles north of Ashbourne. I would class the route as an easy ride. Providing any inexperienced riders dismounted and walked a couple of the inclines on the route.

The cycle trail has a firm crushed limestone surface which makes it ideal for cyclists and walkers and is traffic free all the way.

The trail takes you on a steady climb from Ashbourne and into the heart of The Peak District with some spectacular views along the way.

Start from the site of the old Ashbourne Railway Station on Station Road Ashbourne.
From here you cycle through the old railway tunnel which is lit with street lighting along its length. The tunnel is a few hundred yards long and as you exit the tunnel at the other end if you look back over your shoulder to the left you will see Asbourne Cycle Hire Centre.

As you continue to cycle along you will notice a sudden dip and rise in the trail. This is where at one time there used to be a via duct on the trail but was taken down when the trail was being developed. After approx one and a half miles you will pass through Thorpe Cloud Railway Station which was originally opened in 1899.

After approx 4 miles you skirt around the village of Tissington after which the trail is named. As you cycle along the trail you will encounter a long slow climb from the start at Ashbourne to Parsley Hay of some 700 feet in total. This may sound hard but when you consider the trail is 13 miles in length it may give you some idea of the gentle climb. However for the inexperienced rider you may wish to dismount on just a couple of the more demanding climb sections, but the ride and the views are well worth the effort. You will also pass Hartington Signal Box on the trail and this is now used a an imformation centre during the busy periods of the year.

You continue along the cycle path until you reach Parsley Hay The end of this suggested ride. However, if you feel adventurous the trail links with The High Peak Trail. Which is a cycle trail which runs 17 miles in total from High Peak Junction near Cromford, Matlock, to Dowlow, near Buxton but that is for another day.

The bonus you have on the return journey from Parsley Hay is that it’s all down hill…….Enjoy……
The are cycle hire shops at Ashbourne, ParsleyHay and Middleton Top. There are plenty of sites on route for picnics and refreshments.

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