Boston to Antons Gowt

Boston – Anton’s Gowt - 3miles

Boston is a small historic market town in Lincolnshire and St. Botolph’s Church (starting point)is a famous landmark. Known locally as ‘The Stump’

A short flat easy route which is mainly traffic free which follows a disused railway line and then along a riverside path. Ideal for beginners and families. Very Scenic.

Start at St Botolph’s Church, Boston and cycle along Wormgate towards the bridges ahead of you. Do not cross the river, stay on the same side of the river as St Botolph’s church during the whole of your ride to Anton’s Gowt.
After a short while Wormgate will change into Witham Place and then Tattershall Road. When you reach Tattershall Road you will see the bridge ahead of you (approx 100 yards). Do Not cross the bridge.
As you come to the bridge bear right onto Witham Bank which will take you along the river bank for about 300 yards and then onto cycle route No1 along the river bank.
After a short while you will be cycling out in the countryside along the beautiful river.
After cycling for approx 2.5 miles you will reach a sharp left hand bend in the river. This is Anton’s Gowt and you have reached your destination.

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