Loughborough to Southern Reservoir Circular

Loughborough Southern Reservoir Loop

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A 14 mile loop taking south of Loughborough through the surrounding villages and
reservoirs. Passing through country hamlets and villages using mainly country lanes and ‘B’ roads the route is all tarmac surface, suitable for road bikes. There are a few hills along the route but nothing too difficult.

Starting from The Toby Carvery on Forest Road with the junction of Holt Road near the centre of Loughborough, GO LEFT FROM THE PUB along Forest Road and cycle away from the centre of Loughborough towards the village of Nanpanan.

After cycling along Forest Road for about a mile and three quarters you come to the village of Nanpantan. As you approach the village the road changes its name to Nanpantan Road and as you pass The Priory Pub on your right you come to a crossroad junction. At the junction TURN LEFT along Woodhouse Lane which takes you past the Nanpantan reservoir on your left and out of the village. As you cycle along this country road you pass through the ancient woodland known as Outwoods. The Outwoods is a 40 hectare ancient wood and visitor attraction overlooking Loughborough and the Soar Valley. It is famous for
its rare rock outcrops, many species of woodland plants and substantial wildlife, and
therefore it has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Situated within Charnwood Forest the Outwoods stands on some of the oldest exposed rocks in Britain, being formed in the pre-Cambrian era.
After cycling along the road for about three quarters of a mile you come to a mall cross road junction. At the junction GO STRAIGHT ACROSS THE JUNCTION along Breakback Road which is known for its bluebells in the springtime. At the end of Breakback Lane at the ‘T’ junction TURN LEFT and after 300 yards TURN SECOND RIGHT along Main Street in the village of Woodhouse Eaves.

Continue to cycle along Main Street past The Old Bulls Head Pub and after 300 yards the road runs onto Church Hill and then up Brand Hill. After 500 yards along Brand Hill you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN LEFT on to Brand Lane and then after 300 yards TURN FIRST RIGHT along a rural lane. Cycle half a mile along the lane over the railway line and it brings you to the banks of Swithland Reservoir which was opened in 1896. If you look over to your right you will see The Swithland Viaduct.

Continue to cycle along the lane which takes you left around the reservoir and on the other side of the reservoir you TURN LEFT along Kinchley Lane. After 500 yards at the end of Kinchley Lane TURN LEFT along Swithland Road and this road twists and turns and runs on to Wood Lane. Cycle along Wood Lane for about half a mile to the end where you come to a ‘T’ junction as you approach the village of Quorn.

At the junction TURN LEFT along Leicester Road and cycle straight through the village and the road changes its name to Loughborough Road. A few hundred yards after the village you come to a roundabout. At the roundabout TURN LEFT along the A6004, which takes you back into Loughborough.

After 500 yards you come to another roundabout. At the roundabout GO STRAIGHT ACROSS along Ling Road A6004. After a further 500 yards GO STRAIGHT ACROSS THE ROUNDABOUT along Epinal Way A6004 and then after a few hundred yards GO STRAIGHT ACROSS THE ROUNDABOUT then after 300 yards at the next roundabout TURN LEFT along Forest road and after 250 yards you arrive back at The Toby Carvery Pub where you started from.

Loughborough is the second largest town in Leicestershire after Leicester, and the home of Loughborough University. In 1841 Loughborough was the destination for the first ever package tour, organized by Thomas Cook for a temperance group from Leicester. The town also has the world’s largest bell foundry, John Taylor Bellfounders,

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