Louth to Louth Circular Route

Louth – circular route via Manby, Saltfleet, Grainthorpe and Welton Le Wold

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Approx 36 miles. A fairly flat ride with some slight undulating slopes near the end of the ride

Market Square at Louth

Start ride from public car park on Northgate.
Takes you out through the historic suburbs of Louth and into the surrounding Lincolnshire countryside with a small stretch of the cycle ride by the sea at Saltfleet. Louth is said to be the old county capital town of the Lincolnshire Wolds and has many of its buildings dating from the 17th & 18th centuries.

From the car park take the exit onto Northgate and turn left. At the end of Northgate turn left onto Moby Dicks and after 155 yards turn right along Church Street. A point of interest is that Louth is on the Greenwich Meridian and it is marked with a plaque on the north side of the road where Northgate meets Eatsgate.

Cycle along Church Street for half a mile until you reach a ‘T’ junction at the end. Turn left onto New Market B1200. After approx 300 yards turn left along Stewton Lane. (3rd turning on your left)
After a couple of hundred yards Stewton Lane bears to the right. Follow the lane round to the right and continue until you reach the small village of Stewton. AS you enter the village there is a lane on your right immediately after a farm house. Turn right down this lane and follow it to the end . Approx 700 yards.
At the end of the lane you will reach another ‘T’ junction with Manby Road B1200, turn left at this junction towards Manby.

Lane out of Manby

Cycle all the way along this road straight through the village of Manby and after about a mile outside of Manby the road changes its name to Manby Middlegate and then Mar Dyke W.

When you reach Saltfleet by St Peter, turn right down Three bridges Lane and when you reach the village of Three Bridges turn left along Church Lane, which changes its name to Back Street after a short distance.

Carry on along this road through Saltfleet By All Saints and after the village the road meets Rimac Road A1031. Bear left along Rimac Road and as the road comes to the coast it bears sharp left, follow the road round the bend and keep going to Saltfleet (about 2 miles).You may wish to visit the wild bird sanctuary at Slatfleet Warren

Carry on along the A1031 out of Saltfleet ( now called Warren Road) . The road turns away from the coast and you are now cycling inland towards Cornisholme.
Continue along this road out of Cornisholme and towards Grainthorpe.
As toy come out of Grainthorpe you are now on Wragholme Road (still A1031).After three quarters of a mile after Grainthorpe you come to Fire Beacon Lane on your left.

Turn left down Fire Beacon Lane towards Covenham Resevoir. As you pass the reservoir you are now on Bull Bank Lane continue until you reach the end of the lane.
When you reach the end of Bull Bank Lane you will see a lane across the road slightly to your right – Pear Tree Lane. Go down Pear Tree Lane for about 2 miles and Pear Tree lane meets the A16 ( Main Road). Carry straight on over the cross roads along the final stage of Pear Tree Lane and at the end turn left onto Barton street.

After about 300 yards you ill come to a small lane on your right, opposite a farm. Turn right along this lane Through North Ormsby Village and at the end of the lane after the village turn left.

Cycle along this lane through the countryside for about 3 miles where you will come to a cross roads with the A631. Carry on straight over the cross roads continueing to cycle towards the village of Welton Le Fold which is classified as an area of outstanding beauty. Straight after the village the lane meets the A157.
Turn left along the A157 towards Louth which you will come to after about two and a half miles.

As you enter Louth you will come to a roundabout. Carry straight on over the roundabout on the B1200 which in turn will take onto Westgate, which in turn again will take you to Northgate and the end of your ride.

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