Oxford to Sandford Lock

Oxford to Sandford Lock

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A 3 mile cycle route along a relaxing route along the riverbank which takes you from the Nature Reserve Park at Grandpont southwards to Sandford Lock. Route is flat along the river tow path which is made up of several types of surface. We would suggest it’s suitable for an mtb or hybrid type of bike. Should you wish to hire a cycle you can do so from Cyclo Analysts,150, Cowley Road, Oxford or Bainton Bikes, 6, Bainton Road, Oxford.

Oxford is designated as one of the UK’s cycling cities and is famous for its medieval university. Some of the buildings in Oxford demonstrate an example of every British architectural period since the arrival of the Saxons. Oxford is known as the “city of dreaming spires” and the University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Starting from the car park in Grandpont Nature Park at the top end of White House Road on the south bank of the river leave the car park and cycle LEFT along White House Road and after 50 yards you come to a path at the end of the road. Cycle the short distance along the path to the river bank and TURN RIGHT along the tow path on the river bank. As you cycle along you will have the river on your left hand side.

As you cycle along the river bank and around the bend you pass under a bridge and Salters Steamers (boat trips) and as you continue past the bridge you will see the University of Oxford Botanical Garden across the river. Follow the tow path along the river as it twists and turns and on one side you will have fields and across the river you will be able to see some of the suburbs of Oxford.

After about three quarters of a mile you come to a small bridge which you cross over on to the small island and continue along the river bank and at the other end of the island you cross back over the next small bridge.

After about 500 yards after the island you come to another small bridge, which you cross over and the tow path then brings you to Sandford Lock. The end of your cycle ride. At Sandford Lock there is a pub. The Kings Arms for you to relax before your return cycle ride.
Sandford Lock is on the River Thames, situated at Sandford-on-Thames which is just South of Oxford. The lock has the deepest fall of all locks on the Thames at 8ft 9in and is connected to a large island which is one of three at this point. There was once a mill here built by the Knights Templar in around 1294. There are also records of a ferry and a fish weir in mediaeval times.



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