Parsley Hay to Parsley Hay

Parsley Hay Loop along the Tissington Trail – Derbyshire. OS map 119.

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This route takes you through the heart of Derbyshire and starts in Parsley Hay, located about 8 miles south of Buxton. The trail passes through the National Park and follows the route of the old North Western Railway Company Ashbourne to Buxton railway line – which closed due to Dr Beacham in the 1960’s after over 60 years of service. The route is totally traffic free and well surfaced and, although located in the Peak District, the nature of the trail means that any gradient tend to be gentle. The route assumes you do and out and back, returning the same way – so total length is 26 miles return.

Start in Parsley Way and head south and after a couple of easy miles you come to Hartington where there is a preserved signal box, which is open to visitors. Follow the trail to Alsop En Le Dale, another former old station, and all along the route is evidence of the heyday of the railway.
At about the ten mile mark you come to the village of Tissington. There is a small tea room in the village (just off the trail) which allows some refuelling before continuing on through the tunnel which brings you into the town of Ashbourne which provides more in the way of refreshment, before turning round and travelling back along the original route back to Parsley  Hay

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