Morpeth to Druridge Bay

Morpeth to Druridge Bay

This cycle route takes you on a 11 mile ride from the county town of Morpeth on The River Wansbeck out across the Northumberland countryside with its rolling hills to the coast and on to Druridge Bay with its bay stretching northwards for 7 miles. The cycle route takes you mainly along country lanes and ‘b’ roads to help you avoid traffic. An all tarmac surface so it’s suitable for road bikes. Should you want to hire a cycle for the ride

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you can do so from Pedal Power, Hauxley Way, Morpeth. Tel 01665 713448.

Start from the car park on Carlisle View by the river bank and as you look across the river you cycle to your left along Carlisle View and at the ‘T’ junction at the end of the road TURN RIGHT on to Bridge Street. After 50 yards you come to a roundabout. At the roundabout TAKE THE FIRST EXIT on to Damside which in turn runs on to Dark Lane A197.

Continue to cycle along Dark Lane as it follows the path of the river, and as you pass through a small wooded area the road changes its name to Whorral Bank. About 150 yards past the wooded area you come to a roundabout. At the roundabout TAKE THE FIRST EXIT B1337 and cycle along the B1337 for about 1 mile to the village of Longhirst, passing Longhirst Golf Club on your left as you cycle along.

When you reach the centre of Longhirst Village TURN RIGHT along a country lane towards Longhirst Colliery. Cycle out of the village along the lane and after about half a mile you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN LEFT AND THEN RIGHT AT THE NXT ‘T’ JUNCTION towards Ellington. After cycling along the lane for about a mile and a half you come to a roundabout. At the roundabout TURN LEFT on to the A1068 and then after about a quarter of a mile you come to another roundabout.

At the roundabout TURN RIGHT on to Front Street which takes you in to the village of Ellington. After 300 yards TURN LEFT on to Cresswell Road and follow the road out of the village. After cycling for about three quarters of a mile you reach the coastal village of Cresswell and pass the 13th century Cresswell Castle on your right as you enter the village.

At Cressington you come to a ‘T’ junction when the road reaches the coastline. At the junction TURN LEFT and cycle along the coast road for about 1 mile where you come to Druridge Bay. As you cycle along the coast road you can see Druridge bay in front of you stretching for 7 miles.

Northumberland Coast Country Park is situated within the bay, and part of the bay is owned by the National Trust. Areas within the bay are set aside as nature reserves. During the Second World War defenses were constructed around Druridge Bay as a part of British anti-invasion preparations.

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