Sunderland to Sunderland

I began this 15 mile route in the town centre of Sunderland, but you can start it from anywhere near by. The entire route follows the A1018 but via designated cycle paths and quiet ‘B’ roads so it’s perfect for those who don’t like cycling near traffic.

Head towards Mowbray Gardens and join the cycle path at the south that is close to the train track. The cycle path is well sign posted and if you’re going on a weekend you’ll likely see a lot of other cyclists heading this way.

Once on the cycle path you can continue for around 4 miles. The cycle path itself is relatively new and the tarmac is very smooth, I found it a pleasure to cycle on. You’ll notice that the path follows the same heading as the railway line. Take care at the railway crossing about 2 miles down as it can be dangerous.

Follow the cycle path right the way passed signs for Hendon and Ryhope. You’ll now be near the east coast and should have some fantastic views of the North Sea. I suggest taking a camera with you as there are some spactacular views.

The cycle path comes to an end at Ryhope, so leave there and join the B1287. This is a quiet road but cars do go up and down occassionally, so take care when going round some of the tight corners. You also need to watch out for tractors that sometimes drop huge chunks of earth on the road, if you’re on a road bike then this could be a little dangerous.

There is a pub about two miles down the B1287 called The Mules Head, everyone is really friendly in here and they do a lovely beer and burger for a few quid! If you like you could turn back here as it’s an excellent round trip, if you wish to continue you can follow the road for another 5-6 miles until you hit the beach at Seaham. There’s a large port here with restaurants and shops, but not many places to leave your bike so don’t expect to spend the day here.

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