Chester to Chester via EllesmerePort

Chester – Ellemere Port circular route. – 26 miles

Backford Canal

Good flattish route. Nearly all traffic free.

Backford Canal

Start Point.- Canal locks. Canal St. Chester.
Cycle along the canal towpath away from Chester in the direction of Ellemere Port and
keep to the towpath for approx 7-8 miles.
You will pass several bridges on the way and on the way you will pass under the motorway. After passing under the motorway bridge the canal bears left, keep to the towpath for about 2 miles and then the pathway will go left over a bridge accross the canal.
You will now be on a traffic free lane for cycling which will take you passed Little Sutton.(note if you reach the boat museum you have gone too far along the towpath).
Follow this lane until you come to the end of it. Approx 3.5 miles.

At the end of the lane you will come to a bridleway. Turn left along it.
After about three quarters of a mile turn left into Ledsham Lane and follow it for approx 2 miles.
Towards the end of Ledsham Lane you will bear sharp left and then turn right into Dunkirk Lane.
Follow this lane for approx 1 mile and you will come to a road junction.
At this junction cross the junction going straight ahead along a bridleway. ( You will see it slightly to the right of the junction.)
Follow this bridleway over two small bridges until you come to the end of it after approx 1.5 miles.
At the end turn left along a narrow lane and at the end turn right.
After a few hundred yards you will go over a bridge accross the canal. When you have crossed the canal turn right along the canal towpath back towards Chester.
You are now returning to Chester along the towpah and should reach the locks after approx 3 miles

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