Lancaster Loop via Glasson Dock

This 17 mile cycle ride takes you on a looped circuit from the historic city of Lancaster out
along the banks of the River Lune to Glasson Dock and then returns through the Lancashire countryside via country lanes and villages. There are some hills along the route and the route is mainly along country lanes, canal tow path and cycle paths.


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Lancaster is the county town of Lancashire. With its historic port and canal, Lancaster is an ancient settlement, dominated by its 13th century Lancaster Castle. In Lancaster you will find plenty of shops,pubs, restaurants and cafes to explore and enjoy.

Starting from the car park of B & Q on Aldcliffe Road ,leave the car park and TURN RIGHT  along Aldcliffe Road and after about 250 yards bear left off the road and on to the canal towpath through the opening in the wall by the car parking spaces and bear right along the tow path. As you cycle along the Lancaster Canal will be on your left hand side built between 1792 and 1825.

Cycle along the tow path for a quarter of a mile and pass bridge No 95. Just after the bridge the tow path bends to the left and comes level with the road on your right hand side. TURN RIGHT off the towpath by the lodge to Aldcliffe Hall and cycle up Aldcliffe Road on the left of the lodge signposted for Aldcliffe.

Cycle up hill for about 500 yards to the centre of Aldcliffe village.At the centre of the
village TURN RIGHT DOWN Railway Crossing Lane which at the side of the old Bank Farm Cottage. Cycle down hill along the lane and past the small estate of new houses on your right after half a mile at the end of the lane TURN RIGHT on to the sign posted cycle path heading towards Conder Green and Glasson Dock.

Cycle along the cycle path which takes you along the banks of The River Lune, past Lancaster Golf Club and after two and a half miles the path starts to bend sharply to the left by Cafe D’ Lune at this point TURN RIGHT along the path which takes you over the small bridge and after half a mile you come to Glasson Dock.


At Glasson Dock the path brings you out by The Victoria Inn Pub with the dock entrance on your right and the dock  in front of you. TURN LEFT along the road which takes you out
of Glassson Dock towards Conder Green and cycle along the road for half a mile where you come to a junction. Glasson Dock was originally built in 1779 due to the River Lune silting up.

At the junction TURN LEFT along the A588 and then after 70 yards TURN RIGHT down the open country lane. Cycle along the lane as it takes you through the beautiful open Lancashire and after 2 miles you come to a ‘T’ junction at the end of the road.

At the junction TURN RIGHT along Salford Road and cycle along the road under the bridge then you come to a set of traffic lights. At the light go STRAIGHT ACROSS up Stoney Lane.

Continue along the road for quarter of a mile then you cycle under the M6 immediately after the M6 TURN LEFT along Scriffen Lane.

Cycle for 1 mile to the end of the lane where you come to a junction. At the junction TURN LEFT along Bay Horse Road and after half a mile TURN LEFT up Langshaw Lane. You now have a steep climb for about 250 yards and after three quarters of a mile TURN RIGHT along Kit Brow Lane.

Continue along the lane for 1 mile where you come to a small cross roads. At the cross roads GO STRAIGHT AHEAD along Long Lane. At the cross roads TURN LEFT on to Proctor Moss Road. Cycle along the road towards Lancaster and on the way you pass Blea Tarn reservoir on your left. After one and a half miles you pass over the M6 and after the M6 the road runs on to Bowerham Road. A short distance after the M6 you come to a ‘T’ junction.

At the junction TURN RIGHT keeping to Bowerham Road. Continue down Bowerham Road for three qaurters of a mile where you TURN RIGHT along Dale Street (just on the left hand bend). At the end of Dale Street follow the road round to the left along Quarry Road and just after the canal at the end of the road TURN LEFT down Thurnham Street.

After 200 yards you come to a junction. GO STRAIGHT across the junction along Aldcliffe Road and after 300 yards brings you back to thye car park at B & Q.. The start/end of your ride.












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