Little Sutton Ellesmere Port to Raby Mere

Little Sutton to Rabymere. – Approximately 8 miles one way.

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This cycle ride takes you from Little Sutton on the outskirts of Ellesmere Port out along country lane via the lovely village of Willaston to the local beauty spot of Rabymere with its lake. Travelling mainly along country lanes and ‘B’ roads. You will however encounter two bust junctions on the route so make sure you take care. A Mainly flat route.

Raby Mere

Starting from Little Sutton Railway Station on Station Road, Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port. Cycle up Station Road (slight hill) towards the the traffic lights in the centre of Little Sutton which are approximately 200 yards from the station.

At the traffic lights GO STRAIGHT ACROSS the junction and along Heath Lane, As you cycle along Heath Lane initially you will cycle past some houses and bungalows and after cycling up Heath Lane for about 400 yards you will find yourself cycling along a country lane and after about another 600 yards Heath Lane comes to a cross road junction with Welsh Road A550. Take care at this junction as the traffic on the Welsh Road can be quit busy at times.

At the junction GO STRAIGHT ACROSS Welsh Road and continue along Heath Lane. You
cycle past The Brook Meadow Hotel on your right and then over the railway line. About 500 yards past the railway line Heath Lane turns sharply to the right, follow Heath Lane round to the right at this point and after about a further half a mile you come to a junction with Hooton Road B5133. TURN LEFT at the junction along Hooton Road towards the
village of Willaston and continue straight through the village along the B5133. Note at the centre of the village the road changes its name to Neston Road. As you pass the centre of the village The Red Lion pub is said to date from the 17th century and some of the famous people who live in this lovely village are Stan Boardman and Gerry Marsden.

As you start to leave the village you pass The Wheatsheaf Inn on your left and approx 300 yards after the Wheatsheaf you TURN RIGHT along Birkenhead Road B5151. Continue along the B5151 and after about half a mile the B5151 bends sharply to the right, follow the B5151 round to the right and at this point it changes its name to Willaston Road.

After cycling about one and a quarter miles along the B5151 you come to a roundabout.
At the roundabout TAKE THE THIRD EXIT along Thornton Common Road and cycle half a mile to the end of the road where you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN RIGHT and after 50 yards you come to a ‘T’ junction where you TURN LEFT on to Blakleley Road and you will find yoursekf at the end of Raby Mere, the end of the cycle ride….Rabymere is a local beauty spot you can sometimes hire a rowing boat and enjoy the lake.

You can of course return to Little Sutton via a different route if you wish to do so, as there are a variety of quiet country roads in the area that lead back to Little Sutton but be sure to consult a map.

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