Seacombe Birkenhead to Hoylake

Seacombe Ferry,Birkenhead to Hoylake - 10 miles

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Very flat ride – completely off road but with a tarmac surface. Suiatable for road bikes.

Start cycle ride at the Seacombe Ferry at Birkenhead.

View Across the River Mersey to Liverpool

Here you will find a large car park at the Ferry together with pubs and cafes for refreshments.
As you look across the River Mersey you will see directly opposite you Liverpool with the Liver Buildings and its two famous cathedrals. You need to cycle to your left along the water front towards New Brighton and you will have the river on your right hand side as you cycle along.
This route is a simple route as basically you just follow the water front – promenade until you reach your destination. In this case I have suggested Hoylake, but you can in fact adapt your route as you wish either longer or shorter.
Some landmarks along the way.- As you cycle from Seacombe you will notice a large very square tall building on your left this is in fact one of the ventilation shafts for one of the Mersey Tunnels which runs under the Mersey to Liverpool. As you cycle further along the sea front will change its name to Egroment Promenade. At the start of this section you will notice a semi circular area on your right with seats. This is known as Egroment Ferry, one
of the first ferry’s to cross the Mersey started around 1831 using wooden ships and then steam ships. This area was at one time a very busy and important area along the Mersey.
After a mile or so you will pass the magnificent building of Wallasey Town hall built over
looking the river to reflect the one time wealth of the area, and as you cycle along the waterfront on the opposite side of the river you can see mile after mile of Liverpool docks with their freight and passenger ships coming and going.
Approx 3 mile along your route you will reach New Brighton. New Brighton had until the late 1960’s a ferry which you will see the remains of as you enter the town and was a busy seaside resort. That is not the case today as Tower Gardens with its fair was burnt down long a go and New Brighton today is a quite suberb on the wirral, although it does still have a fair/arcade and a new Pavillion Theatre as well as a sea facing fort and light house.
As you leave New Brighton you are in fact turning a corner of the coast towards Hoylake and it is along this stretch that if you are lucky you may get to see the odd grey seal in the water like we did on our ride.
Keep cycling along the front for approx 4 miles and then you will reach Hoylake with its marina and shops, with plenty of places to get food and drink.
If you where to carry on an extra few miles you will come to West Kirby with its marina and shops. Also at West Kirby it is possible to walk out to Hilbre Island at low tide. Make sure you know the tide times before setting out to the island.

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