Willaston to West Kirby ‘The Wirral way’

This 13 mile linear cycle route takes you along ‘The Wirral Way’ one of the North West’s best known dedicated cycle route. The surface is mainly made up of crushed gravel which is suitable for hybrids tourers and mountain bikes. The route is fairly flat with just the odd steady incline, nothing too difficult. There is a train service from West Kirby back to Hooton which is close by to the village of Willaston but we recommend you check the details of the service before your cycle ride if you intend to use it.

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‘The Wirral Way’ is the old disused railway line which follows the route of the old  Birkenhead Railway line. This cycle route covers the section from Hadlow Station on the outskirts of Willaston to West Kirby. The railway closed in 1962 and the trail has a surface of mainly crushed gravel which is suitable for most types of cycles. There are two visitor centres along the Wirral Way one at Hadlow Station at the start of the route and one at the old Thurstaston Station where you can also enjoy some refreshments in the cafe.


Starting from Hadlow Station which is situated on Hadlow Road B5151 on the edge of the village of Willaston. There is ample free car parking at the station. Hadlow Station closed to passengers in 1956 and the station  has been preserved to give an authentic 1950s look and a short section of track has been relaid in front of the eastbound platform. Its well
worth a look around the station and platform.

Hadlow Station near Willaston

From the station platform bear right and cycle back to the entrance of the car park and then cross Hadlow Road and cycle along the Wirral Way on the opposite side of the road.

The Wirral Way is easy to follow and cycle along with there being only the odd incline to cycle up. Along the way the trail takes you across a couple of local roads. The best thing to remember is that when you meet with the road on each occasion bear to your right and follow the clearly marked signs for the trail.

On the first section of the trail you cycle along the wooded trail which then takes you
through a sand stone cutting and from then on you are cycling along in the beautiful Wirral

country side as the trail takes you along towards West Kirby following the route of the
River Dee on your left in the distance.

After approximately 7 miles you pass the old Thurstaston Railway Station , you will see the old station platform as you cycle along. You can if you wish cycle up the bank on the left hand side which takes you around the back of the old station platform and you will find a small cafe where you can enjoy some refreshments while enjoying the view by the pond looking over the River Dee to North Wales.

Continue along the trail towards West Kirby and after about another six miles the trail
ends at West Kirby and brings you out on to Grange Road A540 in the centre of West Kirby. At the end of the trail TURN LEFT along Grange Road and after 150 yards TURN LEFT down Dee Lane which takes you the short distance down to the sea front at West Kirby.

In West Kirby you will find plenty of shops, bars and cafes to explore and enjoy.  The town has a Victorian promenade, flanked by the West Kirby Marine Lake that permits boats to sail even at low tide. Just off the shore from West Kirby is Hilbre Island a well known bird sanctuary and the island is accessible when the tide is out but you have to return to West Kirby before the tide comes back in. There are details of the tides on the notice boards at the main shore by the marina.



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