Braemar to Frasers Bridge along Clunieside Cycle Route

Braemar to Fraser’s Bridge along Clunieside Cycle Route

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A 6 mile return cycle route along a quiet tarmac road up Glen Clunie to Fraser’s Bridge and then return via the scenic A93. You can if you choose return via the same route as the first section of the ride if you prefer to stay off the A93, but some of the scenery along this short route is stunning. This is a fairly easy route and shouldn’t present any problems to the inexperienced cyclist.

Start from The Fife Arms Hotel at the centre of Braemar and cycle up the road opposite the hotel, Cluniebank Road. Cycle along Cluniebank Road as it takes you out of Braemar and after a short distance it takes you past The Caravan Site on your left and the road changes its name to Old Military Road.

Continue to cycle along Old Military Road as it takes you past The Golf Club and out along the west bank of Clunie Water. Enjoy the fantastic scenery as you cycle along this quiet road towards Fraser’s Bridge. Continue along the road for about 3 miles where the road bends left and takes you over a small bridge where you meet with the A93.
At this point you can either turn back and return along the same quiet road you have come along to Braemar, or you can TURN LEFT along the A93 which also takes you for 3 miles along a route straight back to Braemar. If you choose the A93 be careful of traffic with the road being an ‘A’ road. Although when we did our cycle ride the A93 was very quiet with only the occasional vehicle on it.
In the picturesque village of Braemar you will find a variety of small shops, cafes, and The Fife Arms Hotel, so there are plenty of establishments for you to get refreshments.

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