Carbisdale Woods Kyle of Suthrland to Various off road trails

Carbisdale Wood – Invershin – Kyle of Sutherland – Off Road Trails 2 & 4 mile trails

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If it’s off road you want, this could be the place for you. Carbisdale Wood is situated approximately 16 miles west of the Dornoch just off the A836 near the Village of Invershin on The Kyle of Sutherland. The trails at Carbisdale Wood are part of the well known Kyle of Sutherland MTB Trails which are managed by The Forestry Commission. Enjoy the stunning views over The Kyle of Sutherland and the surrounding countryside.

There are two main trails in Carbisdale Wood the blue trail is a 2 mile intermediate graded trail and the 3 mile red trail with some technical features such as ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘Wood Cutter’for the more advanced rider. Both the cycle routes are all off road routes and you are able to try out your off road skills while you cycle through the beautiful Carbisdale Wood, near to Carbisdale Castle.

The blue route is aimed at cyclists with some experience of mtb trails who wish to enjoy a shorter less demanding trail than the red route and who wish to build on their experience. The red route is designed for the experienced MTB rider who enjoys a challenge. Try out some of the route features as you ride the trail. You will experience some stiff hills and forest road sections along the way.
Carbisdale Castle was built in the early 1900’s and today is used as a Youth Hostel. Some interesting facts about the castle are :-
The castle has 365 windows, one for each day of the year.
The clock-tower only has clocks on three sides. The side facing Sutherland does not have a clock.
There is a secret door below the Great Staircase which could be opened by rotating one of the statues. This mechanism is not in use anymore.
The castle is said to have several ghosts. They include a lady in white, fallen soldiers of the Battle of Carbisdale and the sounds of a piper. The Ghost of the Castles Gardener.
The Castle has a large collection of art with some pieces dating back to the year 1680.

Note there are no facilities at Carbisdale Wood

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