Kelso Loop to Via Bowmont Forest Roxburgh

Kelso Loop – Via Bowmont Forest and Roxburgh

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A 19 mile cycle route taking you from Kelso out along mainly country lanes and ‘B’ roads through the beautiful Scottish Borders countryside. You pass Bowmont Forest and then continue through the village of Roxburgh before returning to Kelso on the looped cycle route. The route is on tarmac roads with just a very short stretch as you leave Roxborough along a rough surfaced path.

Kelso is a market town in the Scottish Borders, situated where the rivers Tweed and Teviot have their confluence. Kelso is regarded as one of the most charming and quaint towns in the area with its cobbled streets, elegant Georgian buildings and French style cobbled market square. Kelso’s other main tourist attractions in the locality are the ruined Kelso Abbey and Floors Castle.

Starting from the car park on Mayfield Riverside Walk situated near to Kelso Abbey. Turn left out of Mayfield car park onto Mayfield Riverside Walk and Follows the river bank as it climbs up to a junction with Kelso bypass. Note This is a fairly narrow path.

Turn right onto the shared use path over Kelso new bridge. At the other

end of the bridge TURN RIGHT onto a path leading down to the B6350;
TURN RIGHT THEN RIGHT AGAIN for Easter Softlaw immediately on passing
under the bypass. Cycle up the steep hill as you cycle the one and three quarter miles to Easter Softlaw.

At Easter Softlaw you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN RIGHT onto the B6396 and after half a mile TURN LEFT along the country lane. Note this just at the point where the B6396 bends to the right.
Cycle for 200 yards to the end of the lane and then cross the B6352 and continue for three quarters of a mile to a ‘T’ junction with the B6436 just past Wester Softlaw.
At the junction TURN LEFT AND THEN FIRST RIGHT and as you cycle along this lane after about half a mile you come to Bowment Forest on your right. This road runs along a ridge giving good views to the
north-west with the Eildon Hills prominent in clear conditions.
After about one and a half miles you cycle over the small river and come to a cross road junction. At the junction TURN RIGHT along the B6401. After 500 yards you come to a ‘T’ junction with the A698. At the junction TURN RIGHT keeping to the cycle lane and THEN FIRST LEFT(200 yards) and cross Kalemouth
suspension bridge .
The lane follows the River Teviot for a short distance then bends to the left and takes you to a junction with the Nisbet to Roxburgh road. At the junction TURN RIGHT. And cycle up the gradual hill and after 1 mile you reach the village of Roxburgh.

Continue straight on into the village immediately after passing between the abutments of two long demolished railway bridges. Turn sharp right at the far end of the village into a lane (soon
deteriorating into a rough track) which leads down to the west end of Roxburgh Viaduct. Dismount and push your bike over the footbridge which shares the viaduct piers.

On the other side of the viaduct you start to cycle again along a minor road which takes you half a mile to Heiton and the A698. Turn left through the village then right at the far end. The road drops for a short distance before climbing up past Ladyrig Farm to a ‘T’ junction at the top of the hill. Turn left to rejoin the outward route, which is followed back to Kelso.

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