Battersea Park to Kew Gardens

Battersea Park to Kew Gardens – 14 miles

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Cycling west mainly along the river bank taking you out west of London. On the ride you will pass many world famous sites and plenty of establishments for refreshments. I would recommend you consult a map for points of interest to you along the way.

This ride is mainly flat and a lot of it is on traffic free riverside tarmac paths. How ever as you are cycling in a busy city environment it is not advised as a route suitable for children, as you may encounter some short busy traffic sections on route.

Approx 14 miles one way.

Start from Battersea Park, Queens Town Road, London. SW11 4NJ, in case you are not familiar with the layout of London Battersea Park lies approx 2 miles west of Westminster Bridge on the opposite bank of the River Thames.

Before we start the directions for the ride you might be interested in exploring Battersea Park before you start the cycle ride. Battersea Park was opened in 1858 and is approx 200 acres in size and even has a zoo in the park. There are many traffic free paths and sites to explore in the park including a boating lake.

This ride will take you along the line of the River Thames west, towards Putney and Wandsworth. Where ever possible try and keep to the traffic free river side paths, but there will be times where you may have to follow the nearby streets in the direction of the river, but the main thing to remember is to follow the general direction of the river westwards.

From the boating lake in Battersea Park take the path which leads towards the river and follow it round onto carriage Drive North within the park, which in turn will lead you out of the park onto Albert Bridge Road.

Turn right along Albert Bridge Road for just 100 yards and then turn left along Parkgate Road then immediate left down Anhalt Road. This in turn will take you onto Waterside Point and then Hester Road. At the end of Hester Road you should drop down onto the water front via Battersea Bridge Road.

You will now be cycling along a traffic free path along the water front.
You should now cycle along the river bank for as along as possible keeping to the traffic free path on the water front. You will however , from time to time have to leave the cycle path as it ends in different parts and cycle along the nearby roads and then rejoin the cycle path when able.

After about one and a half miles you will pass Wandsworth Bridge and then come to Wandsworth Park on the river bank, followed by Putney Bridge. After Putney Bridge you cycle along the embankment still keeping to the river side.

At the end of the embankment you carry on along the river side past Barn Elms Water works on your left, which is better known these days as The London Wetlands Centre and covers over 100 acres including several reservoirs. Opened in 2000 this nature reserve famous for the bird wildlife is also recognized as a site of scientific interest and has its own visitors centre.

As you pass The London Wetlands Centre you come to Hammersmith Bridge. At this point I would recommend that you continue along the path at the side of the river. You could if you wish at this point turn left along Hammersmith Bridge Road and then turn right along Lonsdale Road which will bring you out on the river bank by The Harrodian School near Barnes High St.

Which ever route you take continue to cycle along the river path as much as possible and if you leave the path then just continue in the direction of the river until you can join up with the path again.

After a while and a few bends around the river you come pass The National Archives Centre on your left then pass under a railway bridge and across the river you will see Oliver’s island. So named because it is said that Oliver Cromwell once took refuge on the island.

As you pass the island you will see some allotments on your left. At the end of the allotments turn left along Watcombe Cottages which will take you to Kew Green. Kew Gardens attracts almost two million visitors a year and is said to have the largest herbarium in the world.

If you look to your left across Kew Green you will see Kew Gardens. You have reached the end of the cycle ride.



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