Brighton Pier to Eastbourne

Brighton pier to Eastbourne – 26 miles

A flatish route. On clear days a very pleasant leisurely ride taking in the sea air. If ridden
on a windy or winters day it can be quite difficult battling against the weather.

Start at Brighton Pier, if you are looking out to sea bear left along the promenade. After about three quarters of a mile you will pass Brighton Marine with its many boats and yachts.
After a while the promenade will disappear and you can either continue along the front on the terrain or you can bear slightly left and cycle alongside the A259 Coast Road.
Just when the Coast Rd., develops into a dual carrigeway you will see a car park on the right.Turn right into the car park and you can return to cycling along the sea front on the Esplanade.
Follow the Esplanade to the end then you bear slightly right and join the next stage of the promenade taking in the fine air and views.
There is a short break in the promenade where you can cycle accross a grass path to the
next part of the prom. (Basically keeping to the sea front)
When you reach the end of the prom again just continue along the coastal path passed the caravan park on your left and continue till you come to Newhaven Heights.
Go past Newhaven Heights keeping to the coastal path until you come to the estuary and you turn left along Fort Road.
Continue along Fort Rd., alongside the estuary until you come to a ‘T’ junction turn right here along Riverside. Go all the way along this road until to come to the A259.
At the A259 it is probably easier to dismount and turn right for a short way and bear right into Drove Road.

After about 100 yards turn right into Railway Rd; (you should be cycling again now) This road merges into Clifton Rd; and then Beach rd; continue along them all. Near the end of
Beach rd; you will find a fork in the road, follow the right hand fork and this will take you to the coastal path again.
Follow the coastal path and you eventually come to Marine Parade, join the Parade cycling on. You will then join the Esplanade carry on along here until you come Seaford Golf Club.
At the golf club the road bears left. You need to carry on straight ahead along the coastal path along the edge of the golf club.
At the end of the golf club you will come to a small estuary (river clickmore) bear left along the estuary until you reach a bridge accross it by a small car park. Turn right over the bridge.
After about 300 yards the road bears right and then left very quickly. Just after this there is a small lane on your right. Turn right down this lane and this will take you back to the sea front at the sea front bear left along the coast towards Birling Gap and Beachy Head.
When you reach Beachy Head you can continue along the coastal is a path if you wish or cut accross the centre of Beachy Head via the road.If you choose the coastal route be very careful near the cliff edge
At the other end of Beachy Head Join King Edwards Parade and then Royale Parade as you cycle into Eastbourne along the sea front passing the gardens on the cliff top on your right and the many splendid hotels on your left.
If you wish, if you drop down to the sea front at this point there is a very nice cafe tucked away at the end of the prom in a sheltered spot.



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