Hampton Court to Bushy Park

Hampton Court – Bushy Park. – 6 miles

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A quiet country style route which takes you along the Thames river bank east. And through parkland

Start Hampton Court palace.

From the river bank at Hampton Court Palace follow the riverside path (which is known locally as Barge Walk) along the Thames towards Kingston Bridge, enjoying the river/country views as you cycle along the path. You will travel around the bend in the river and when you reach Kingston Bridge bear left and follow Hampton Court Road which will take you along the A308 and after approx one and a half miles you will reach Chestnut Ave. on your right.

Turn right onto Chestnut Ave., and this tree lined Ave. passing through the park and will take you to The Diana Fountain.

Carry on cycling along Chestnut Ave., which will eventually bring you out at Teddington Gate where you can enjoy the surrounding views.
You can obviously return by the same route or should you wish a shorter return journey you have the option of when you reach the end of Chestnut Ave., turning right and then immediately right and follow this road a short distance which will take you back to Barge Walk at Hampton Court Palace.



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