Kingston Upon Thames Circular Tour to Via Richmond Park and Teddington Lock

Kingston Upon Thames to Teddington Lock

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A 6 mile cycle route which takes you on a looped tour around the area of Kingston Upon Thames. Kingston Upon Thames was one an ancient market town where Saxon kings were crowned and is now a busy London suburb. The route takes you via Richmond park and Teddington Lock mainly along flat suburban roads. We would recommend you check out your local area in London for cycle hire as there are many cycle shops around London where you can hire cycles.

Starting from Skerne Road which is just off Horse Fair (the bridge) near the centre of Kingston Upon Thames cycle along Skerne Road away from the bridge and after 50 yards TURN LEFT down Hall Road which takes you a short distance to the banks of The River Thames. At the end of the road TURN RIGHT and cycle through the park area along the river bank. As you cycle through the park you pass Kingston Rowing Club on the river bank.

Continue to the end of the park are where you bear right back along Lower Ham Road and after 50 yards you cross over the road and cycle along Bank Lane. Continue along Bank Lane across the junction with Richmond Road and cycle along Latchmere Road.

After about 300 yards TURN LEFT on to Latchmere Lane and cycle 500 yards to the end of the road. At the end of the road TURN RIGHT along Church Road which takes you 200 yards where you come to a junction with Ham Gate Ave. in Richmond Park.

You can if you wish at this point choose to explore Richmond Park with it leisure routes that are suitable for beginners and families alike and there are up to approximately 5 miles of paths and trails around the park. If your lucky you might even get to see some of the royal deer which roam the park. Richmond Park is the largest of the royal parks in London and is approximately three times the size of Central park in New York. Start at any point in the park that is convenient for you and cycle in any direction around the park.
There are places to stop for refreshments, and as you cycle around the park you can pass the deer park, a large historical mansion and Pembroke lodge. You will also be able to see some famous London landmarks in the distance as you ride through this lovely park. You can even stop for a picnic if you wish.

At the junction with ham Gate Ave. TURN LEFT and cycle through the wooded area of the park and after about 600 yards you come to a cross road junction. At the junction GO STRAIGHT ACROSS along Ham Common and after 200 yards TURN RIGHT along Ham Street.

After about 500 yards TURN LEFT on to Riverside Drive and as you follow the road around the bend you can leave the road and cycle through the parkland on your right and follow the river bank for about 500 yards where you will reach Teddington Lock. Teddington Lock is a series of three locks on The River Thames and was originally constructed in 1810.

For your return journey cross over the river at Teddington Lock and TURN LEFT along Broom Road. Cycle along the road for about one a quarter miles to the end of the road. At this point the road is now called Lower Teddington Road.

At the end of the Road TURN LEFT along High Street and then at the roundabout take the first exit along Horse Fair which takes you over the bridge across the Thames and at the other end of the bridge you TURN LEFT back on to Skerne Road. The start/finish of your cycle ride.



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