Pevensey to Circular Castle Tour

Pevensey – Circular Castle Tour

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A 13 mile cycle route which takes you on a circular tour around the area known as Pevensey Levels. On route you pass Herstmonceux Castle and return to Pevensey via the village of Wartling. The route is mainly along ‘B’ roads and country lanes with a short stretch along a bridlepath at Herstmonceux.

The area known as the Pevensey Level is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is an area of marshland north of Pevensey and covers an area of 8,650.9 acres. Pevensey is an historic village situated about 5 miles east of Eastbourne and has a medieval castle. During later times the ancient castle nearly did not survive. Queen Elizabeth I ordered the castle to be demolished but this was ignored. In fact the castle boasts Elizabethan ‘gun emplacements’, earthworks and an Elizabethan cannon mounted on a replica carriage. During World War II the castle was used by the home guard and as a military camp for anti-aircraft troops.
The letters marked in brackets in the description of the route refer to turning points marked on the map.

Starting from Pevensey Castle(A) cycle to the left along Castle Road towards Westham and after 300 yards TURN RIGHT along Peelings Lane (B). Continue along Peeling Lane for about a quarter of a mile then TURN RIGHT up Hankham Hall Road (C) towards Hankham village.

Continue along the road for 1 mile until you come to the village of Hankham where you come to a ‘T’ junction (D). At the junction TURN RIGHT along Hankham Street and cycle for 1 mile up to Rickney village where you TURN LEFT at the ‘T’ junction (E) and THEN TURN FIRST RIGHT (F) up Newbridge Road.

Cycle along the road for approximately three and a quarter miles to the end of the road enjoying the view across Pevensey Level as you cycle along and at the end of the road TURN RIGHT at the ‘T’ junction along Lower Road (G).

Continue along Lower Lane for about three quarters where you Bear Right down Church Lane (H) and as you pass the church note the mounting block outside the church for horse riders. When you pass the church where the public road ends BEAR TO THE LEFT on to the bridleway (I) follow the blue arrow signs for the 1066 Country Walk. This trail takes you past Herstmonceux Castle over on your left, it then takes you past a car park and through a woodland area, then over a field, you can see the castle from here with the Telescope Building ahead of you. This once belonged to The Royal Greenwich Observatory. The name ’’Herstmonceux’’ comes from Anglo-Saxon meaning, “Wooded hill”. Herstmonceux Castle is one of the oldest significant brick buildings still standing in England; brick was a relatively unusual material for the time in Britain. The builders of Herstmonceux Castle concentrated more on grandeur and comfort than on defence to produce a truly magnificent estate. Today it is the home of the Bader International Study Centre of Queen’s University, Canada.

A short distance after The Telescope Building you come to the end of the bridleway where you TURN RIGHT (J) down Wartling Road and cycle three quarters of a mile to Wartling village which was mentioned in The Domesday Book.

In the centre of Wartling you TURN RIGHT along a lane past Wartling Place Country House and cycle for two and a half miles to the end of the lane on the outskirts of Pevensey. At the end of the lane TURN LEFT (L) and after 200 yards you come to a roundabout (M).

At the roundabout TAKE THE SCOND EXIT the A259 back in to Pevensey and after you cross the small estuary GO STRAIGH AHEAD along High Street which takes you 500 yards back to Pevensey Castle (P). The start/finish of your cycle ride.



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