Sevenoaks to Bough Beech Reservoir Wildlife Reserve

Sevenoaks to Bough Beech Reservoir Wildlife Reserve.

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A 12 mile including return journey cycle route taking you from the commuting town of Sevenoaks out along ‘B’ roads and country lanes to the wildlife Reserve at Bough Beech Reservoir. There are some hills along the way but nothing too steep.

From the Old Post Office on the High Street in the centre of Seven Oaks cycle south along the High Street and after 50 yards TURN RIGHT on to Oak Lane. Cycle out through the suburbs of Seven Oaks and up along Oak Lane and after about 1 mile TURN RIGHT on to Gracious Lane Bridge which takes you over the A21 and runs on to White House Road.

Cycle along White House Road for 250 and then TURN LEFT along the country lane (just before the right hand bend on White House Road). Follow the lane around to the right as it runs on to Bayley’s Hill. After about half a mile you TURN RIGHT along the country lane. Cycle up the hill along the lane and after approximately 2 miles you TURN RIGHT down the lane which after about 250 yards brings you out on to the banks of the Bough Beech Reservoir. You can if you wish cycle around the reservoir before your return journey back to Seven Oaks.

Bough Beech Reservoir is a nature reserve, in particular for bird watching; it is especially important for migrating osprey, though they are a rare sight now the reservoir is no longer stocked with trout.



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