Calne to Chippenham

Calne to Chippenham using National Cycle Route No11 –  7 miles along a dedicated traffic free cycling trail.

This ride is approximately is approximately 7 miles long. Using the dedicated cycle trail Route No11 from Calne to Chippenham which follows the rout of the old Great Western Railway Line. The route takes along the trail past the sites of some old, now disused railway stations through the Wiltshire countryside. Some rolling hills on route but nothing too difficult.

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Starting from Station Road, just off the A4 in Calne, cycle away from the A4 along Station Road and after about 250 yards Station Road ends and the old disused railway line which has been converted into a dedicated cycle trail starts. As well as getting some fresh air, there are also some great sights to see along the trail. Also at this point you will see the old Calne Railway Station on your right. Calne Railway station was originally opened in 1863 by the Great Western Railway. The station, when it first opened, had its own engine shed. Calne station closed in 1965 and the buildings were left to be vandalised but were eventually taken down. A few years later the area was built on to become Station Road Industrial Estate.

As you cycle past the site of the old station you join the dedicated cycle trail which leads all the way to Chippenham following the route of the old Great Western Railway Line. Immediately you will find yourself cycling out in the lovely Wiltshire countryside and after about half a mile you will find yourself passing the site of the disused Black Dog Halt
Railway Station (cracking name that !!). At this point if you look to your left you should be able to see Bowood Lake on The Bowood Estate. The original Bowood House was built in 1725 on this estate.

Continue to cycle along the trail as it twists and turns and after approximately three

quarters of a mile the trail passes near to the village of Studley on the left. After about half a mile past Studley you come to the village/hamlet of Stanley with Stanley Bridge Halt Railway Station (disused). On reaching Stanley you need to go STRAIGHT AHEAD at the village and keep to the cycle trail in the direction of Chippenham.

Cycle along the trail for about a mile and you will come to a bridge at the outskirts of
Chippenham. GO STRAIGHT ACROSS the small bridge keeping to the cycle trail and after a few hundred yards the trail bends sharply to the left, follow the trail round the bend and brings you out by Cocklebury Road by Chippenham Railway Station. This is the end of the suggested ride.
You will find plenty of establishments for refreshments in the market town of Chippenham. Cycle hire is available at Chippenham from – The Barn, Notton Park, Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire

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