Salisbury to Stonehenge

Salisbury to Stonehenge.

An 11 mile cycle route that takes you from the historic city of Salisbury along mainly country lanes and ‘B’ roads to what must be one of Britain’s most famous landmarks, Stonehenge. Standing magnificently on the crest of the hill you can’t fail to be impressed. The route is fairly flat with just the odd hill to contend with.

Salisbury is a walled city full of history with its Cathedral containing the Magna Carta. You will also find plenty of shops, cafes and bars to get refreshments in Salisbury.



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Starting from Castle Street near the centre of Salisbury, cycle north along Castle Street heading out away from Salisbury town centre and after 200 yards you come to a roundabout. At the roundabout GO STRAIGHT AHEAD along Castle Road A345 and after 150 yards TURN LEFT on to Stratford Road.

Cycle along Stratford Road towards Stratford Sub castle and
as after about half a mile along Stratford Road you will see Old Sarum on the right as you cycle along. Old Sarum is the site of the earliest settlement of Salisbury. Old Sarum contains evidence of human habitation as early as 3000 BC. Old Sarum is mentioned in some of the earliest records in the country. It was originally a hill fort strategically placed on the conjunction of two trade routes and the River Avon, Hampshire. The hill fort is broadly oval in shape. It is now an English Heritage property and open to the public.

Continue to cycle along Stratford Road to Stratford Sub Castle and when you reach Stratford Sub Castle TURN LEFT along the lane which takes you over the bridge and cycle about 2 mile to the village of Upper Woodford passing through Middle Woodford along the way.
Continue straight through Upper Woodford and continue for about 2 miles to the end of the
lane where you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN LEFT along Stonehenge Road and after 500 yards you come to a junction with the A303. TURN LEFT at the junction and after 500 yards TURN RIGHT along the A344 which and cycle along the A344 where you will see Stonehenge on your left hand side on the crest of the hill. The entrance to Stonehenge is via the visitors centre on the left.

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s most famous sites which dates back to about 3000BC. With all its history and secrets its stands on the crest of the hill.

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