Wadebridge to Padstow

Wadebridge to Padstow

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This 12 mile cycle route takes in part of the Camel Trail in Cornwall. Although the Camel
Trail meanders from Bodmin through to Padstow, this is just a 6 mile section from Wadebridge to Padstow (am assuming you cycle back – hence the 12 miles!).
Pick the route up just off the small roundabout by the Lidl supermarket in Wadebridge – this can be found just over the old stone bridge (first right as you come off the bridge). Or follow the signs to the Camel Trail. Plenty of car parking in the town – or if you are hiring a bike, then there are usually parking in the hire shops – lots of these at the beginning of the trail anyway.

The trail is pretty obvious – follows the route of the old railway line to Padstow, so is pretty flat, with the odd gentle incline thrown in – but nothing to worry about. Trail is mixture of tarmac and well compacted gravel/chippings – so going is relatively easy for all ages and

Route follows the course of the Camel River estuary, and affords fine views of the coast and

wildlife. As you near Padstow you cross a metal bridge over an inlet – not far past this, you come into the outstkirts of Padstow itself.
If you intend to lock your bikes up I suggest that you don’t use the first obvoius bike park (on the right of the trail) – instead cycle a few hundred metres past and there is another bike park closer to town (just before you reach the main Padstow carpark). If you really want to be posh, then there is a secure covered bike park at 50p per bike which is run by one of the hire shops in the main carpark.

Once the bikes are parked, just walk through the car park into the heart of Padstow itself (2 minutes in foot).

Return same way.

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