Wells Circular Tour to Via Cheddar Gorge

Wells Circular via Cheddar Gorge. – 28 miles

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This an approx 24 mile cycle ride which takes you on a circular route out from Wells into the surrounding Mendip Hills via The Cheddar Gorge, the town of Cheddar, Wedmore and back to the historic city of Wells. Route is nearly all on ‘B’ roads and you can expect some severe climbs in places.

Start from The Cathedral Green on the north side of the Famous Wells Cathedral which was built between 1175 and 1490 with a church being on this site since 790. From The Cathedral Green cycle to your right along Cathedral Green and onto St Andrew Street B3139.

Cycle along St Andrew Street until it runs on to with St Thomas Street and then Bath Road after about 500yards, it is still the B3139 at this point.

Continue to follow Bath Street B3139 and after a few hundred yards you will start to leave the suburbs of Wells and be cycling along a ‘B’ road in the country side and as you leave Wells you will travel up hill past the village of West Horrington. You will now be heading out into the Mendip Hills so you can expect some severe climbs in places.
After just a mile past West Horrington the B3139 that you are cycling along meets at a cross roads with the B3135. TURN LEFT onto the B3135 Heading towards the village of Green Ore. After about three quarters of a mile you will come to the village of Green Ore. Continue straight through the village keeping to the B3135.

Continue to cycle along the B3135 through the village of Priddy, with its Priddy Circle
(stone circle or ancient times) and nearby caves to explore. And after about a mile past Priddy the B3135 (now named Cliff Road) starts to twist and turn to the left and as it does so you start to cycle through The Cheddar Gorge which is part owned and managed by The National Trust. Near the far end of the gorge is Gough’s Cave which is 295ft deep and 1.3 miles long.
Follow the B3135 the short distance from the gorge to the town of Cheddar and changes its name to The Cliffs. As you come to the end of the trees on the left of The cliffs the road bends to the right and then left and as it does so you TURN RIGHT along Tweentown.

After about 350 yards Tweentown comes to a ‘T’ junction. TURN LEFT along The Hayes and follow The Hayes to the end of the road (about 350 yards) and then TURN RIGHT onto Station Road.

Station Road runs onto Wedmore Road and after a few hundred yards comes to a ‘T’ junction. TURN LEFT at the junction along Lower New Road B3151. Continue along the B3151 as it bends to the left through the villages of Clewer and Cocklake(great name that !!) before reaching Wedmore which approx. 4.5 miles from where you joined the B3151.

As you come to Wedmore the B3151 bends sharply to THE LEFT onto the B3139 (The Borough). FOLLOW THE ROAD TO THE LEFT along The Borough. After 250 yards The Borough comes to a ’T’ junction.

At the junction TURN LEFT along Combe Batch (still B3139). At this point you have approximately 6 miles to the end of your ride.

Continue to cycle along the B3139 towards Wells through the villages of Theale, Hewton, Yardley Cross and Wookey. It is said that HG Wells once was a teacher at The National School at Wookey.

As you come near the end of the village of Wookey you pass Burcott Mill on your right.
TAKE THE FIRST TURNING ON YOUR RIGHT AFTER THE MILL down a Penny Batch lane. Follow the lane for 250 yards to its end and then TURN LEFT along Burcott Lane which will take you the short distance into Wells.

Follow the road its full length where it will take you into Wells. Along the way it changes its name to Burcott Road and then St Cuthbert Street.

As you cycle along St Cuthbert Street TAKE THE FIRST TURNING ON YOUR LEFT along Priest Row and go 120 yards to its end where you TURN RIGHT along Chamberlain Street.

Follow Chamberlain Street t the end and then TURN RIGHT onto Sadler Street which will take you back to Cathedral green at Wells Cathedral. The start/end of your ride.

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