Burford Circular through The Windrush Valley in the Cotswolds

This 16 mile cycle ride takes you on a cicular tour from Burford along through the
beautiful Windrush Valley in the Cotswolds. The route is mainly along quiet country lanes and ‘B’ roads with some hills along the route, but nothing too severe. The letters marked in brackets refer to the turning points marked on the map.

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Burford is a small historic town situated in the Cotswolds in The Windrush valley. Burford’s church is said to have one of the highest spires in Oxfordshire and the church was once used as a temporary prison during the civil war and has plenty of shops, cafes and pubs for you to explore.

Starting from Sheep Street (A) which is situated about half
way along High Street in the centre of Burford, cycle along Sheep Street away from High Street and after after half a mile (just after Priory Wood on your right ) TURN RIGHT along a country lane with a post box on the corner towards Upton (B).

Cycle along the lane which runs parallel with the River Windrush on your right and takes
you through the hamlet of Upton and after two and a half miles you come to a ‘T’ junction (C) at Little Barrington.  At the junction TURN RIGHT and cycle past The Fox Inn on your right and continue up the hill,and half a mile past The Fox Inn TURN RIGHT (D) by the monument in the village of Great Barrington and cycle along the lane heading out of the village towards Taynton.

After about 2 miles you come to the hamlet of Taynton. It is the area surrounding Taynton
that supplies Westminster Abbey with stone for repairs to the world famous abbey. continue straight through Taynton and 1 mile after Taynton you come to a ‘T’ junction (F) with the A424. At the junction TURN LEFT the RIGHT (G) along the lane towards Fulbrook, which was mentioned in The Domeday Book. After half a mile you come to the end of the lane (H) where you TURN LEFT and then after 150 yards TURN RIGHT (I) along Beech Grove.

Cycle along Beech Grove which takes up a steady climb and after one and a quarter miles at the end of the road  you come to a ‘T’ junction (J). At the junction TURN LEFT and cycle up hill along the road for half a mile then TURN RIGHT (K) along the lane at the side of the wood signposted for Fordwells.

Continue along the lane for one and a half miles passing Hens Grove Wood on your left as
you go . At the end of the lane you come to a ‘T’ junction (L) at the village of Fordwells. At the junction TURN RIGHT signposted for Asthall Leigh. Cycle down the lane for about half a mile to Asthall Leigh where you TURN RIGHT (M) and cycle down the lane for one and three quarter miles where you TURN LEFT (N) (opposite the gated road) and cycle along Ninety Cut Hilland cycle for half a mile to the village of Astley.  At Astley TURN RIGHT (O) and cycle along the lane towards Burford.

After half a mile you come to a cross road where you go straight across and follow the road alongside the River Windrush and acontinue to cycle along the road for two and a half miles where the road brings you back in to the centre of Burford on the High Street just opposite Sheep Street (Q). The start/end of your cycle ride.





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