Leominster North Circular Tour to Via Croft Castle Mortimer Cross

Leominster North Circular Tour via Croft Castle and Mortimers Cross

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A 15 mile circular tour of the rural countryside, north of Leominster. The route is mainly
along country lanes and ‘B’ roads to help avoid traffic on your ride. As you approach Croft Castle you will have reached an approximate 250 ft above sea level, but as you cycle along you should only notice some rolling hills as you climb along the way.

Leominster is an historic market town in Herefordshire famous for its shops, café’s, antique shops and its black and white half timbered buildings.
Starting from Broad Street in the centre of Leominster you cycle northwards along Broad Street which runs on to Bridge Street B4361 after about 300 yards. Cycle along Bridge Street which takes you out of the town centre and changes its name to North Road heading in the direction of Luston. As you leave the town on North Road you TAKE THE FIRST TURNING ON YOUR LEFT along a country lane towards the village of Eyton. Continue along this country lane for three quarters of a mile until you reach the small village of Eyton and at the village carry straight on through the village following the road round to the right.

About 200 yards after the village you TURN LEFT along a country lane and follow this lane for about three quarters of a mile until you come to a ‘T’ junction with Croft Lane. At the junction TURN LEFT towards the village of Croft Lane and follow the road for about 1 mile until you reach the village. Continue through the village and about 500 yards after the village you come to a cross road junction with the B4362. Note at this point if you wish to visit Croft Castle g straight across the junction and Croft Castle is 600 yards up the lane. Croft Castle consists of a stone quadrangular manor house with a small castellated round tower and is owned and run by The National Trust.

To continue the ride…. At the cross road junction TURN LEFT along the B4362 towards the village of Mortimers Cross and cycle along this road for a mile and a half to Mortimers Cross. At the centre of the village TURN LEFT along Hereford Lane the A4110. and after 150 yards follow Hereford Lane to the right as it leaves the A4110 and takes you in the direction of the village of Shirlheath.

Continue to cycle along Hereford lane for about a mile and then TURN RIGHT, still heading towards Shirlheath, and after about 500 yards TURN LEFT along a small country lane. Follow the lane for about half a mile to its end then TURN RIGHT along the A4110 for 300 yards to the village of Shirlheath.

As you come to Shirlheath you TAKE THE SECOND LANE ON THE RIGHT opposite the large building on your left. Note just as the A4110 bends to the left. Cycle along the lane for about 500 yards where you will come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN LEFT and after 300 yards you come to a cross road junction with the A4110. GO STRAIGHT ACROSS THE JUNCTION along the B4529 towards the village of Lawton and Leominster.

Follow the B4529 for about 1 mile where it joins the Cholstrey Road B4360. BEAR RIGHT along Cholstrey Road and after half a mile TURN LEFT along Ginhall Lane as you approach Leominster.

Cycle along Ginhall Lane for just over half a mile then TURN LEFT along Green lane. Carry on along Green Lane for a few hundred yards until you come to the end of the road and then TURN LEFT on to New Street which takes you back to Broad Street the start/finish of your cycle ride

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