Stratford on Avon to The Village Tour

Stratford on Avon – The Village Tour

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A 22 mile cycle route which takes you from Stratford on Avon out in to the fantastic
Warwickshire countryside on a cycle tour of some of the historic hamlets and villages in the area. The route is mainly along country lanes and ‘B’ roads and you may encounter the odd hill but nothing too severe as it’s mainly through rolling countryside. Stratford is a world famous market town mainly known for being the home of William Shakespeare, the Shakespeare Company and Anne Hathaway, just to name a few. Stratford is a busy place with many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants for you to explore and it has an abundance of history and historic buildings. The letters marked in red and brackets refer to the turning points shown on the map.

Starting from Waterside by The Swan Theatre cycle along Waterside with the river on your left hand side as you cycle along the road. After a few hundred yards at the end of the road TURN RIGHT on to Chestnut Walk (B) and then cycle about 200 yards to the end of the road where you come to a ‘T’ junction (C).

At the junction TURN LEFT along Evesham Place and after 100 yards you come to a
roundabout. At the roundabout GO STRAIGHT AHEAD along Evesham Road B349. Cycle along Evesham Road heading out of Stratford through the suburbs of Stratford and after about half a mile , just as you reach the end of the houses TURN LEFT along Luddington Road (D).

Continue along Luddington Road past the race course on your left and after one and a half miles you come to the village of Luddington. Luddington is situated on the River Avon and if you venture to the river you will find a small marina and lock, said to be built in the 17th century.

At Luddington follow the lane as it bends to the right and takes you out of the village and after about three quarters of a mile you come to a ’T’ junction (E). At the junction TURN LEFT on to Evesham Road and then after a quarter of a mile TURN LEFT on to Binton Road (F) and cycle half a mile to the village of Welford on Avon.

Wellford on Avon has the tallest maypole in England at 65 feet . It used to be wooden but
was replaced by an aluminum pole after a lightning strike. Should you be ready for some refreshments at this point there are three pubs and the village has many Tudor half-timbered and thatched cottages.

At Wellford Binton Road runs on to the High Street, continue through the centre of the village and TURN LEFT along Barton Road (G). Continue along Barton Road as it follows the path of the river and runs on to Welford Road and after approximately 3 miles you come to a cross roads (H).

At the junction TURN LEFT along Honeybourne Road and follow the road as it takes you through the small villages of Bickmarsh and Ullington. About a quarter of a mile past Ullington you come to a small cross roads where you TURN LEFT along Blake’s Hill (I) and follow the road for 1 mile where you come to the village of Pebworth which was mentioned in the Domesday Book.

At Pebworth TURN LEFT on to Dorsington Road (J) and head up towards Dorsington then TURN RIGHT after about one and a quarter miles along the road as you approach Dorsington along a country lane (K) heading towards Long Marston. After about one and a quarter mile at the end of the lane TURN LEFT along Welford Road which takes you the short distance to Long Marston.

Continue through Long Marston along Long Marston Road and just over half a mile past the village TURN RIGHT along a country lane (L) heading up towards Clifford Chambers. Continue along the lane for 4 miles until you reach the village of Clifford Chambers. The village claims to be the real birthplace of William Shakespeare as the bubonic plague was rife in Stratford-upon-Avon at the time of the bard’s birth and during times of plague Clifford Chambers rectory was used as a refuge. Shakespeare’s father’s legal advisor also lived in the village, the man who dealt with the Shakespeare’s house in Stratford.

At Clifford Chambers TURN LEFT along Camden Road (M) B4362 and follow the road through the village, over the River Stour and after about a further half a mile you come to a ‘T’ junction (N) where you TURN LEFT on to Shipston Road A3400.

Continue for half a mile to the end of the road where you TURN LEFT (O) onto Banbury Road A422. Continue along the road and over the bridge and when you reach the other side of the bridge TURN LEFT on to Waterside and cycle along the road back to The Swan Theatre. The start/finish of your cycle ride.

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