Tetbury Loop to The South West Cotswolds Tour


Tetbury Loop – South West Cotswold’s Tour

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A 20 mile  cycle route  which takes you on a tour of the south west corner of the rolling
hills of The Cotswold’s. The route is hilly in places and along mainly ‘B’ rods and country lanes. There are country pubs and some shops in the historic villages on route.

Tetbury is a Cotswold town set amongst the rolling hills of the Cotswold’s. It lies on the site of an ancient hill fort, on which an Anglo-Saxon monastery was founded, probably around 681. Tetbury was once an important town with its wool trade and started The Tetbury Woolsack Races, in which competitors must carry a 60 pound sack of wool up a steep hill, and are still contested annually usually on the last Bank Holiday in May. Notable buildings in the town include the Market House, built in 1655 and much of the rest of the buildings in the town date from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The Market House is a fine example of a Cotswold pillared market house and is still in use as a meeting place and market.

Stating from the Priory Inn on London Road in the centre of Tetbury cycle left along London Road for 100 yards then TURN RIGHT along Hampton Street B4014 which takes you out of Tetbury in the direction of Tetbury Upton. Continue along the B4014 for approximately 1 mile to the small village of Tetbury Upton and continue straight through
the village and cycle up the road for another one and three quarters of a mile where you come to Avening. As you reach the centre of Avening the B4014 bends sharply to the left when it meets with High Street and Hampton Hill at this point (B) you TURN RIGHT up Hampton Hill and cycle up Hampton Hill and follow the road as it bends round to the left and takes you up past Minchinhampton Golf Course on your right.

Continue up hill for about 1 mile where you come to a ‘T’ junction (C). At the junction
TURN LEFT and cycle past Gatcombe Park on your left (home of Princess Anne) and cycle along the tree lined lane for 1 mile to the village of Minchinhampton. Minchinhampton is an historic market town with plenty of shops, bars and café’s and on Minchinhampton Common you can see long parallel ditches and mounds which formed part of a large Iron Age fort. There are good views from the Common, over the Severn estuary into Wales, and east to the Golden Valley and further into the Cotswold’s.

At the centre of Minchinhampton TURN LEFT along Well Hill (D) and cycle along the road
for approximately 1 mile where you come to a junction with Avening Road B4014 (E). At the junction TURN RIGHT along Avening Road and cycle for three quarters of a mile to the next junction with Fountain Street A46 (F).

At the junction TURN LEFT and after 200 yards TURN RIGHT up Horsley Road B4058 (G). Cycle up hill through the village of Nailsworth and on to Horsley. Continue up hill through Horsley and cycle up a steep climb as you continue along the B4058.At this point in the ride you are approximately 600ft above sea level. About 2 miles past Horsley TURN LEFT towards Kingscote (H) and after 200 yards TURN LEFT along Windmill Lane (I) and cycle the short distance to the village of Kingscote.

At Kingscote follow the road round to the right and as you leave the village you come to a junction with the A4135 (J). At the junction TURN LEFT THEN IMMEDIATE RIGHT towards Bagpath. About 400 yards along the lane TURN LEFT along the country lane towards Newington (K).

Continue straight through Newington and about 200 yards after the village you come to a ‘T’ junction (L). At the junction TURN RIGHT and cycle down the lane. After about 500 yards you come to a junction with the A46. At the junction GO STRAIGHT ACROSS along Bowldown Road. Cycle along Bowldown Road for about 2 miles where you pass a small wood on your right. At this point you TURN LEFT up a lane (M) and follow the lane as it twist and after a few hundred yards meets with Hookhouse Lane where you BEAR LEFT along Hookhouse Lane .

Cycle along Hookhouse Lane for one and a quarter miles where you come to a junction with Charlton Road A4135 (N). At the junction TURN RIGHT and cycle along Charlton Road for half a mile where you find yourself back at The Priory Inn on your right. The start/finish of your cycle ride. In Tetbury you will find plenty of suitable places to get refreshments at the end of your cycle ride through the Cotswold’s and there are some fine antique shops to explore in the town.

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