Welshpool to Shrewsbury Using section of National Route No81

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Welshpool to Shrewsbury using part of National Cycle Route No81 – 27 miles

This cycle ride takes you from the Powys town of Welshpool to Shrewsbury 27 miles away, using part of the National Cycle Route No 81. You soon leave the town of Welshpool and will cycle through the welsh hills across the border into England and down to the historic town of Shrewsbury. Along the way you will pass through villages and be able to get refreshments at such place s as, Crew Green, Pentre and Montford Bridge. The cycle ride takes you along country roads and ‘B’ roads to help to avid heavy traffic. All surfaces are tarmac and suitable for road bikes. Should you wish to do so you can return by train as there is a direct service between the two towns, but remember to check the timetable before setting off on your ride.

Starting from Severn Road B4381, Welshpool, which is situated off the large roundabout by
Welshpool Railway Station. Cycle to your left along Severn Road and after about 300 yards you will have left the town and heading out into the countryside. Also at this point the road changes its name to Leighton Road B4381.

Continue to cycle along Leighton Road for about half a mile where you will come to a ‘T’ junction with the B4388. At the junction TURN LEFT along the B4388. Cycle along the B4381 for about half a mile Then TURN RIGHT along Hope Lane. Follow Hope Lane and note after about 500 yards Hope Lane turns sharply to the left. Make sure you keep to Hope Lane and continue along Hope Lane for about 2 miles and up the hill where you come to a ‘T’ junction with Welsh Harp Hollow.

At the junction TURN RIGHT and THEN FIRST LEFT which about 50 yards along Welsh Harp Hollow. Cycle along this rural country lane in the direction of the small village of Blackmore for about a mile and a quarter where you TURN LEFT along a lane ,which is positioned just before the village of Blackmore and takes you in the direction of Wollaston. After about 500 yards you come to a ‘T’ junction where you TURN LEFT. Then follow this lane for about 600 yards where you come to another ‘T’ junction, TURN RIGHT at the junction, again in the direction of Wollaston.

You will now be cycling up a steep hill and over a railway line 200 yards after the railway
line the road bends to the left and brings you to a cross road junction with the A458. At the cross roads GO STRAIGHT ACROSS THE JUNCTION along the country lane and after 300 yards you each Wollaston village.

You continue to cycle through the village and cycle the 2 miles to Crew Green the next village along this lane. Note after about a mile and a quarter along the way the lane bears to the right towards Crew Green, and then you cycle up hill into the village. When you reach Crew Green the lane bends sharply to the left, almost like a hairpin bend and then to the right where it brings you to a ‘T’ junction with the B4393.

At the junction TURN RIGHT along the B4393 and then after 500 yards TURN LEFT towards the village of Melverley. After three quarters of a mile you come to Melverlry.Don’t forget to have a look at the black and white timber-framed St Peter’s Church which stands on the banks of the River Vyrnwy; it is one of only three such churches to be found in Shropshire and the oldest of its kind.
At Melverley you TURN RIGHT at the centre of the village along a lane towards Pentre and after just over half a mile you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN RIGHT and after about 600 yards the lane takes you near to the bank of The River Severn and you come to another ‘T’ junction where you TURN RIGHT, again towards Pentre. Cycle along the lane for three quarters of a mile where you come to a ‘T’ junction as you reach the village of Pentre. TURN RIGHT at the junction and cycle through the village.

Cycle out of the village and take the second turning on the right after the village which is 500 yards from the village. Follow this country lane for 500 yards where you come to a small cross road. TURN RIGHT at the cross roads along the lane towards the village of Shrawardine.

Continue along the lane for 2 miles until you come to the village of Shrawardine, situated on the bank of the beautiful River Severn. At Shrawardine the road bends sharply to your left as you enter the village and after 50 yards you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN LEFT and then after 100 yards TURN RIGHT along a lane towards Montford. After about three quarters of a mile along the lane you TURN RIGHT along another country lane, this lane then takes you quarter of a mile to the village of Montford. At Montford follow the road round to the left as it leaves the village and after half a mile you come to a cross road junction with The A5. Take care at this junction as the A5 can be a very busy road. At the cross roads GO STRAIGHT ACROSS THE JUNCTION and after 100 yards you come to the small village of Montford bridge.

As you enter Montford Bridge you come to a ‘T’ junction. At the junction TURN RIGHT on to Holyhead Road B4380 and as you leave the village you will cycle cross a bridge over the River Severn. This bridge was Thomas Telford’s first bridge design. It was built by John Carline Jr and John Tilley between 1790 and 1792.

You now cycle the last 2 miles of your ride into Shrewsbury along Holyhead Road B4380, passing the village of Bicton at the halfway point. As you enter Shrewsbury take care as the traffic can at times be very busy. If you follow Holyhead Road it will take you straight into the centre of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury is a historic market town with the town centre having a largely unaltered medieval street plan. The town features over 660 historic listed buildings,including several examples of timber framing from the 15th and 16th century. Shrewsbury Castle, a red sandstone castle fortification, and Shrewsbury Abbey, were founded in 1074 and 1083 respectively. The town hosts one of the oldest and largest horticultural events in the country, Shrewsbury Flower Show, and is known for its floral displays, having won various awards since the turn of the 21st century, including Britain in Bloom in 2006. You will also find a host of various establishments for refreshments etc’, and there is also a cycle shop that hires cycles, Spokes Cycle Hire, 48 Washford Road, Shrewsbury. SY3 9 HP.

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