Askwith to Reservoir Tour Circular

Askwith – Reservoir Tour Circular Ride. – 35 miles

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Nearly all the route is along rural lanes with the odd ‘B’ road section. Towards the end of the ride at Otley you pas through a short section of suburban roads. As some of the road names on the route imply you will encounter some hill climbs, some steep and some not so step. So be prepared for a hard ride. As with any other ride if you study a map of the area you can adapt the route to suit your own requirements.

The route starts at Askwith and takes you through the Washburn Valley pats the reservoirs and back to Askwith via the roman town of Otley.

Start from the Black Horse Pub , Askwith, Otley Yorkshire LS21 2JQ.

From The Black Horse leave along the slip road onto the main village road and go left for 100 yards and turn left onto Askwith Lane.

After about 500 yards there is a fork in the road you need to take the right hand fork along Moor Lane. After approx three quarters of a mile you come to a cross road junction of the lanes.

Go straight across the junction along Snowden Carr Road. Cycle to the end of Snowden
Carr Road, about one and a half miles, where the road meets Askwith Moor Road.

Turn right along Askwith Moor Road, which in turn runs onto Sourby Lane.

Continue to cycle along this lane which runs into Rues Lane, and Copper Lane where you will cycle up Shepherd Hill and Church Hill at the village of Blubberhouses.

At Blubberhouses you will come to a junction with the A59. Go straight across the junction along Hall Lane. Follow Hall Lane and after about 2 miles you will come to Thruscross Reservoir on your right and the road then runs onto Bank Dike Hill and Whit Moor Road as you cycle along the edge of the reservoir. If you look across the reservoir when you are at Banks Dike Hill you may be able to see the village of Thruscross in the distance on the other side of the water. Thruscross Reservoir is the northernmost of four reservoirs in the Washburn valley, Thruscross Reservoir was completed in 1966, much later than the other three reservoirs which date back to the nineteenth century.
The construction of the reservoir flooded the village of West End, which was already largely derelict following the decline of the flax industry. The remains of a flax mill can be seen at the edge of the reservoir, and more of the village has been revealed at times of drought,

Continue along Whit Moor Road and at the end of the reservoir bear right onto Hoodstorth Lane which will take you around the top of the reservoir where you will come to a ‘T’ junction.

At the junction turn right along Sandy Gate which in turn runs onto Greenhow Hill Road as you cycle along the other bank of the reservoir passing the village of Thruscross.

As you cycle along Greenhow Hill Road you turn right at the second turning, which is in fact a small cross road where the lanes meet. (Note:- if you go past The Westend Out door Centre you have gone about 50 yards too far). This lane takes towards the waters edge of the reservoir.

Take the first turning on your left which is after about two thirds of a mile from the start of the lane. Then follow this lane to the end where you will come to a ‘T’ junction with Greenhow Hill Road again. Turn right at this junction which will take along onto Hardsley Hill.

Cycle to the end of Hardsley Hill, about a mile and a half and then turn left along Hopper Lane A59. At this point you will be cycling along with a wooded area on your right. After approx 800yards the woods finish and there is a lane immediately on your right, Parkinson’s Lane.

Turn right down Parkinson’s Lane which runs onto Busky Dike Lane again with a wooded area on your right and the reservoir behind the trees. After about half a mile Busky Dike Lane bends to the right and also meets with Back Lane on your left.

At this point follow Busky Dike Lane around to the right and then turn immediately right again.

This lane will take you out of the wooded area and you will cycle across the top of the dam at the end of Fewston which is on your left and Swinsty Reservoir on your left. Swinsty reservoir was constructed in 1878 and holds approx 860 million gallons of water. It has also featured on ‘Emmerdale’ many times over the years.

When you reach the other side of the dam you will cycle through a wooded area again for just a few yards where the lane you are will bend to the right. As it bends to the right you turn to your left down a lane towards the village of Timble and as you do so you turn immediate left again along another lane. So you have turned twice to make it like a hairpin bend. This second lane will take you through a wooed area for about 600 yards where you will then come out on the bank of The Swinsty Reservoir.

When you reach the end of the reservoir turn left over the dam and cross to the other side of the reservoir where you turn left again along Pinfold Lane which takes along the other side of the reservoir.

Half way along the reservoir Pinfold Lane ends and meets with Smithson’s Lane. Turn left onto Smithson’s Lane and after about half a mile turn right along the lane on your right, just as you reach Fewston.

After 300 yards you will come to a cross roads. Turn right onto Wydra Lane and follow it to the end . About 500 yards.

At the end of Wydra Lane turn left onto the B6451 and then first right (approx 200 yards) onto Penny Pot Lane. ( Note:- if you where to go right at the end of Wydra Lane and then first left you will come to the remains of John O’Gaunts Castle. Which are the earthwork remains of an old fortified manor.)

Back to our route…. Cycle along Penny Pot Lane and take the second lane on your right which is approx 1 mile from the start of the lane. Cycle all the way along this lane to the end and this will take you past the end of Beaver Dyke Resevoir,past some woodland and along the side of a lake. Beaver Dyke Reservoir was constructed in 1890.

At the end of the lane turn right along Norwood Lane and the after 300 yards there is a turning on your left which takes you through a wooded area. Turn left down this lane through the woods and follow it along the side of the woods. After about 1 mile the woods come to an end and there is a lane on your right. Turn right along this lane and follow it to the end where it meets with the B6451.

Turn left along the B6451 and this will take along the side of Lindley Wood Reservoir and onto the village of Farnley. Lindley Wood Reservoir was the first of the four reservoirs to be built and holds approx 750 million gallons of water. All the four main reservoirs on this route are joined by the River Washburn.
At Farnley stay on the B6451 and follow it until you reach Otley and Wharfedale. As you enter the suburbs the road you are on the B6451 is call Farnley Lane.

Follow Farnley lane to the end. At the end of Farnley Lane turn right along Billams Hill and then take the second turning on your left Weston Lane. You now cycle along Weston Lane past the school and parkland on your left and after approx one and a half miles you pass through the village of Weston .

Continue along the same lane and after approx half a mile after Weston you com to a ‘T’ junction with Hallam Lane.

Turn left along Hallam Lane and after 500 yards you have returned to Askwith and The Black Horse Pub for some well earned refreshments…..

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