Driffield Circular to Tour of the Wolds

Driffield Circular Tour of The Yorkshire Wolds. – 28 miles


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This cycle ride takes on a circular tour of the Yorkshire Wolds
via Wansford,Foston On The Wolds, Skipsea,Gransmoor and Ruston Parva and then returns you to the market town of Driffield which is known as the centre of the Wolds.

Approx 32 miles. All on tarmac ‘B’ roads and rural country lanes. A fairly flat route taking in several hamlets and villages in the surrounding area of Driffield.

From the Market Place in the centre of Driffield, cycle along Exchange Street for 300 yards where Exchange Street meets Wansford Road the B1249.
Turn right along Wansford Road and after about half a mile you will leave the outskirts of Driffield and be cycling along country roads. After cycling for about one and a half miles along the B1249 you will pass Wansford lock which was originally built in 1770.

After Wansford Lock continue to cycle along the B1249 for 1 mile where the B1249 you will
come to a junction of small country lanes crossing the B1249. At this junction you turn Left along Cruckley Lane towards Foston On The Wolds.
Follow this lane all the way to Foston On The Wolds which is about 1 mile along this lane. Along the way the lane changes its name to Cowslams Lane and then Sheepdike Lane. Once
you are out of the village on the other side the lane changes its name to Old Howe lane. Follow the lane around the bend to the right and it changes its name to Foston Lane.
Continue cycling to the end of Foston Lane where it meets the B1249. At this junction turn left along the B1249 towards the village of Beeford. At Beeford the B1249 comes to a junction with the A165 you go straight across the junction keeping to the B1249 and after another one and a half miles you will come to the village of Skipsea.

As you enter the village of Skipsea you turn left along Bridlington Road the B1242. Follow the B1242 along and through the village of Ulrome.

Continue along the B1242 for 1 mile where the B1242 comes to a junction with the A165. Go across the junction and up the lane which is a few yards to your left and opposite you on
this junction it is called Fisher lane and after 200 yards you turn right onto Gransmoor Road which takes you towards the village of Gransmoor which is about one and a half miles along this lane.
Continue to cycle along Gransmoor Road until you reach the end of the lane at Gransmoor village where you turn left onto Main Road which takes you through the small village and as you leave the village turn left along Kelk Lane which after a while runs into Gransmoor Lane. Cycle to the end of Gransmoor Lane and at the end of the lane turn right along Main Street which will take you through the small hamlet of Kelk.
After about half a mile past Kelk Main street comes to a ‘T’ junction with Station Road. Turn left along Station Road which will take you past Lowethorpe Railway Station – now disused.
Follow Station Road past the old railway station and it bends to the right and takes you over the railway line. Follow it for another 200 yards and then turn left onto Mill Lane and follow Mill Lane into the centre of Lowthorpe.
As mill Lane bends sharply to left and takes you to the centre of the village you turn right down the lane which is about 150 yards on your right after the left hand bend. This lane takes you in the direction of the village of Ruston Parva.
Continue along this country lane crossing straight over the junction with the A614 still cycling in the direction of Ruston Parva.
Carry on through the village of Ruston Parva and the lane runs onto Shepherdton Mere(a country lane and continuation of the lane you have been cycling along). Shepherdton Mere in turn runs into Pockthorpe Lane. After you have cycled approx 1 mile past Ruston Parva you will come to a cross road junction of the small lanes.
At this junction turn left along the lane and after one and a half miles you will come to a ‘T’ junction at the end of the lane with the B1249. Turn left along the B1249 and about a mile the B1249 will bring you to a roundabout. Go straight over the roundabout onto Scarborough Road in Driffield.
After cycling along Scarborough Road for about 600 yards you turn along New Road on your right, which in turn runs onto Exchange Street which takes you back to the Market Place in Driffield. The start/ finish of your ride.

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