Leeds to Castleford

Leeds to Castleford cycling along the Aire & Calder Navigation. Which is part river and part
canal - 14 miles.

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The section of the waterway which is used on this route is mainly a canalized towpath. Very flat and not a tarmac surface all along the route. Suitable for a beginner or family ride. However take care when cycling on any towpath where you are cycling along next to the waters edge.

The distance of this ride is approximately 14 miles. You can of course adapt the ride to suit your own needs and make it longer or shorter

Start at Thwaite Mill Watermill in Leeds. Address is Thwaite Lane, Stourton, Leeds, LS10 1RP.

Thwaite Mill Watermill is a fully-restored working water-powered mill built in 1823-25, harnessing the power of the River Aire, and claims to be one of the best last remaining examples of a water-powered mill in Britain.
Starting from the opposite bank of the canal from the water mill, when looking across the canal at the mil cycle to your right along the canal heading out of Leeds and heading for Woodlesford and Castleford.

Keep cycling along the tow path and after approx 1 mile the tow path will pas under the
M1. After you pass under the M1 you will find that you are cycling along through a rural district outside of Leeds and after about a mile and a half you will pass the district of Woodlesford on your right. Continue to cycle along the tow path.

After about a further two and a half miles you will pass the outskirts of Mickletown on your right hand side and then after cycling on the tow path for a about another two and a half miles you reach Castleford.

Castleford was originally a roman army settlement with the name of Lagentium. And it is said that Oliver Cromwell had an encampment at nearby Ferrybridge.

As you travel along the canal you will pass several locks on the canal and various ponds and lakes on your left, on the opposite bank to the one you are cycling along.
You can of course carry on along the canal when you reach Castleford as the canal goes further on and eventually comes to Goole on the east coast.

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