NaburnYork to York

Naburn(York Marina) to York and return

Ride is approximately 4.5 mile each way making a return ride 9 miles through rural
farmland and passing the historic York Racecourse arriving in the beautiful city of York, where there are plenty of places for food and drink before you ride back home. Mainly off road and flat.

We started our ride at York Marina at Naburn near to Naburn Locks. However as this ride uses the National Cycle Route No 65 you can of course start/join the ride at any point along route 65 to suit your needs.

From York Marina at Naburn cycle along in the direction of the nearby swing bridge over the River Ouse along the cycle path (rout 65) towards Bishopthorpe.
As you cycle along after about three quarters of a mile you will come to the suburb area of Bishopthorpe with houses/buildings on your right. Carry on along the cycle path and as you cycle under a road bridge the cycle path bends to the left and at this point the cycle path turns onto a suberb road- Appleton Court. Follow this road to the end. Approx 150 yards. Then at the end of the road look to slightly to left of you across the road and you will see the continuation of cycle path Route 65. Bishopsthorpe is reputed to have one the UK’s most verifiable ghosts (if there is such a thing) Archbishop Scrope who is said to walk the streets at night following his own funeral procession, don’t worry though you should be alright in the daylight on your ride
Continue along Route 65 towards York and as you cycle along the path after about 200
yards you will be cycling along the cycle way in a lovely rural setting.

The cycle path will take you under the A64.
As you pass under the A64 you will see a turning on the cycle path on your immediate right. Turn right along the cycle path which runs alongside the A64 for about half a mile where the cycle path bears left under small flyover. Follow the cycle path around the bend and you will reach ‘T ‘ junction with Green Lane.
Turn right along Green Lane. As you cycle along after about half a mile you will reach the historic York Racecourse on your left. When you reach the racecourse you will pass across two straights at the end of the racecourse. On the second straight you will see the continuation of route 65 to York running along side the racecourse.
Turn left along the racecourse. Follow the cycle path to the end where you will come to another ‘T’ junction with Bishopsthorpe Road, by the Middletorpe Hall and Spa.
Turn left along Bishopsthorpe Road for approx 200 yards where you will see the continuation of the cycle path on your right, just before the houses. Turn right onto the cycle path.
Follow the path which will take you to the bank of The River Ouse. Turn left along the river bank where you will pass some historic bridges of York some of which where built by the romans.
As you reach York one of the first bridges you come to is the The Millenium Bridge .Your Destination, However should you wish to cycle about another half a mile you will reach the historic Bishopsgate Bridge in the heart of York, and Of course there are many well known sites/places to see at York such as The Minster, The Mumbles,etc.

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