Ruswarp Whitby to Castleton Yorkshire Moors

Ruswarp Railway Station to Castleton on the Yorkshire Moors

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Ride is approx 23 miles. This ride cycle ride takes you from the village of Ruswarp which is less than 2 miles from Whitby by across part of the North Yorkshire Moors travelling part of the way along The River Esk valley. On such a ride as this across the Yorkshire Moors you will come across hills during the ride, some of which will be severe climbs and as such that is the reason why the ride has been rated as an enthusiasts ride., and be sure to enjoy the views and experience of your ride on the day.

However the ride also passes through many villages on route such as grosmont, Glaisdale, Leaholm, and Ainthorpe which are all placed on the local railway route with their own stations. So if you do feel the need to return via the train service you can do so, but remember to check the times and availability of the trains before setting out on your ride.
Starting from Ruswarp Railway Station. When you come out of Ruswarp Railway Station turn left along High Street B1416. The road (B1414) bends sharply to the right along Sneaton Lane, follow the road along Sneaton lane keeping to the B1416.
As you cycle along Sneaton Lane you are passing through the suburbs of Ruswarp and after about 300 yards the B1416 bends to the Left. Follow the road round to the left onto Oakley Bank, still the B1416.
Continue along Oakley Bank which runs into Sneaton Lane after about 200 yards and once you are on Sneaton Lane you take the first turning on your right which is a country lane after about half a mile heading towards the village of Iburndale.

Follow the lane to the end which is about one and a half miles and at the end of the lane at the ‘T’ junction turn right towards Iburndale and the road is now named The Cliff.
Follow the lane through the village of Iburndale which changes its name to Iburndale lane as you leave the other side of the village.
After a few hundred yards Iburndale Lane meets at a junction with the A169. Turn left along the A169 (Coach Rd) and then first right onto Eskdaleside, which is about 50 yards along the A169 on your right. You should now be heading towards the village of Grosmont, which is approx 3 miles along this road.
As you near the village of Grosmont follow Eskdaleside all the way and eventually it meets with Front Street which will take you into Grosmont.
Follow Front Street out of Grosmont and take the second lane on the left after the village. The lane is called Barnard Rd., approx 400 yards after the village.
After cycling along Barnard Rd. for about one and a half miles you come to the Village of Egton Bridge.

At the end of Barnard Rd. at Egton Bridge you turn left them immediately right (after 30
yards) onto Broom House Lane. Cycle along Broom House Lane. At this point you will be leaving the village and cycling uphill along a wooded lane and after about half mile you will come out into open countryside.
After about three quarters of a mile you come to the end of Broom House Lane, at the junction with Egton Lane turn left towards the village of Glaisdale.
After a mile and a half Egton Lane turns sharp right and runs onto Limber Hill, which will take you up hill through a short area of woodland and bends sharp left taking you over the railway line and past Glaisdale Railway Station and then the lane runs onto Carr Lane.

Continue to cycle along Carr lane which will take you round to the right and into the centre of Glaisdale where Carr Lane runs onto the High Street. Cycle along High Street out of the village and you will come to a cross road junction as you are leaving the village with Glaisdale Hall Lane.
Go straight across the junction towards Ghyll Brow. Keep cycling along this twisty lane for approx one and a half miles where the lane meets with Leaholm Lane at a cross road junction.
Go straight across the junction and continue to the end of the lane, about a third of a mile.
At the end of the lane turn left and then after 400 yards turn right along a lane towards Houlsyke. As you are cycling towards Houlsyke after 800 yards turn left along Lawns Rd. Cycle to the end of lawns Rd ( half a mile) and then turn right along Easton Lane which takes into the village of Ainthorpe after about 1 mile.
As Easton Lane reaches the village of Ainthorpe it turns sharp right and then meets with Ainthorpe Lane at a ‘T’ Junction. At this junction turn left along Ainthorpe Lane towards Castleton. After about three quarters of a mile you come to another ‘T’ junction where Ainthorpe Lane meets Church Street at Castleton.
Turn left along Church Street which takes into the centre of Castleton. As you cycle along Church Street into Castleton you should take the second turning on your right, Station Road. (note:- if you pass the Downe Arms Inn on your right you have gone about 50 yards too far).
After cycling along Station Road for about 500 yards you come to Castleton Moor Railway Station. The end of this ride.

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