Wetherby to Linley Wood Reservoir

Wetherby to Lindley Wood Reservoir.

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This cycle ride is approximately 27 miles long and hilly in places. It takes you from small market town of Wetherby out into the Yorkshire countryside and ends at Lindley Wood Reservoir.

Starting from the junction of Linton Road and Sicklinghall Road, Wetherby, at the end of Wetherby Golf Course.
Cycle along Sicklinghall Road away from the centre of Wetherby and after cycling just under a mile the road changes its name to Wetherby Road and leads you to the centre of Sicklinghall village.
When you reach Sickinghall the road merges with Main Street. Continue to cycle through
the village on Main Street and as you leave the village the road changes its name once more, this time to Kirkby Lane.
Once on Kirkby Lane you cycle along it for 1 mile where Kirkby Lane turns sharp right towards Kirkby Overblow. It is at this bend you turn left along Kearby Cliff which is a country lane which takes you to the village of Netherby.
Follow Kearby Cliff to Netherby and as you enter the village you turn right along Spring Lane.
Cycle to the end of Spring Lane, approx 1 mile where it meets at a junction with the Swindon Lane. Turn left along to the end of Swindon Lane ( aprox600 yards) and then turn left along the A61 for 250 yards, then turn right onto Weeton Lane. Take care when cycling on the busy A61 and crossing the traffic.
Continue along Weeton Lane which runs onto Main Street and then Wescoe Hill Lane. Follow this lane to the end past Arthington Lodge and at the end of Wescoe Hill lane turn left along Castley Lane which takes you to the village of Castley about half a mile along the lane.
Continue through the small village of Castle along Castley lane and the lane will take you
out of the village and along the river bank towards Leathley.
After cycling along Castley Lane for one and a half miles Castley lane come to a cross road junction with the A658. Go straight across the junction onto Leathley Lane B6161.
Cycle along Leathley Lane for approx one and three quarter miles where you turn left along Cinder Lane. Which takes you in the direction of Farnley.
Follow the road to Farnley and when you reach the village turn right onto the B6451.
Now follow the B6451 along and around the top of Linley Wood Reservoir. Lindley Wood Reservoir was constructed in 1876 and the height of the dam on the reservoir was raised in 2003. At the end of the reservoir you will pass a wooded area on your right and a small lane on your left. Continue on the B6451 for another 300 yards and you turn right down a small country lane, just as the B6451 turns very sharp left.

Continue along the lane you have turned onto continues for approx 700 yards where it turns sharp right (just by a wooded area on your left).
Follow the lane around the bend to the right and after about 1 mile you reach the village of Lindley on the banks of the reservoir and the end of your journey.

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