Withernsea Near Hull to Withernsae via Burstwick burton Pidsea

Withernsea Lighthouse Circular via Burstwick and Burton Pidsea. - 17 miles

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This a gentle route using ‘B’ roads and country lanes. Therefore you should find the route relatively quiet regarding traffic. All tarmac roads. The route takes you from the seaside resort town of Withernsea out into the local countryside via the villages of Halsham, Burstwick Burton Pidsea and Roos before returning to Withernsea .

Starting from Withernsea Lighthouse, which was built in 1894
and is approx 127 feet high.

Cycle along the B1362 ,Hull Road out of Withernsea. Very quickly you find yourself out in the Yorkshire countryside. Continue to cycle along the B1362, which after a few miles changes its name to North Road and after you pass through the village of Halsham it changes its name several times.

A couple of miles past Halsham the B1362 skirts past the village of Burstwick . As you pass
Burstwick the B1362 changes its name to Main Street , and as you leave Burstwick you will travel over a small bridge. About 500 yards after this bridge you turn right along a small lane towards the village of Burton Pidsea.
Carry on through Burton Pidsea and about a mile and three quarters after Burton Pidsea
the lane comes to a junction with the B1242 which takes you to Roos.
Cycle along the B1242 to the centre of Roos where it turns sharp left and is named Pilmar Lane. Roos is famous for being the home of JRR Tolkien author of Lord of The Rings.
Cycle along Pilmar Lane (still the B1242) and this will take right back to the Withernsea Lighthouse, the end of the route.

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